GCH CH [LD] Back to the Beginning (Gina) Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Flesh and Bone Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Never Said Goodbye (Gina) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Spare Me (Sierra) Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Cross Your Mind (CeCe) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Perfect Supernova (Nova) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Sensitive Subject (Jet) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Sign From God Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Your Act is Staged (Sadie) Pharaoh Hound
[LD] Never Even Liked You Ibizan Hound
[LD] One More Shot Ibizan Hound
[LD] Tell You Twice Ibizan Hound
[LD] I Fall Apart Pharaoh Hound
[LD] I Like You Pharaoh Hound

GCH CH [LD] On the Upside (Oliver) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Playing With Fire (Freddie) Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Taste of the Divine Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Make a Good Girl Bad Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Radiate Love (Raid) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Start Explaining (Xavier) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Never Got to Change Your Mind (Ned) Pharaoh Hound
CH Sky Above Earth Below Pharaoh Hound
[LD] Count of Three Ibizan Hound
[LD] Die For Me Ibizan Hound
[LD] Morning Brings Us Light Ibizan Hound
[LD] Been Here Before Pharaoh Hound
Tell Me How You Hate Me Pharaoh Hound

By Ch RCKs™ Photograph out of Ch Your Act is Staged.
(2 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
By Ch Chemkam Fill Yer Boots IH out of Ch [LD] Back to the Beginning.
(10 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Ibizan Hound
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Ibizan Hound

Retirement Couch
GCH CH [LD] I Love This Part (Lola) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Love is Madness (Maddy) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Moonlit (Millie) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Tried to Bite My Tongue (Bert) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH [LD] Want Another Bite (Beto) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Diego Energizer Bunny IH Ibizan Hound
CH Diego Enjoy the Sun IH (Sunny) Ibizan Hound
CH Diego Spinner IH (Deedee) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Onyxx Scotch on the Rocks IH Ibizan Hound
CH [LD] Awake and Trying (Tito) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH [LD] Cult Leader (Lida) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Hope You Have a Bad Day (Bailey) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH [LD] I Need Some Space (Sally) Pharaoh Hound
CH [LD] Knew This Would Happen (Hayden) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH [LD] Makes Me Feel Alive (Alita) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH [LD] Paradise of Bones (Bonnie) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH [LD] Ruin My Life (Reeve) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH BSG Egyptian Eyes (Ira) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH R-C SmokN Hot Solo (Seth) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH RCKs™ Stregobor (10-2) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH RedlandR Coal into Diamonds (Dia) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH RedlandR Fossil Fuels (Fred) Pharaoh Hound
General Info
Prestige: 78.0 (#108)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 7/6/2009
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 3/20/2023

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GCH CH [LD] Back to the Beginning
Due 3/24/2023 to El Mundo Rhinestone Cowboy IH