CH Makay Concrete Angel (19) Vizsla
Makay Senorita Klaus Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Makay Above Love Pumi
Makay Fall Easy Pumi
Makay In Pieces Again Pumi
Triomphe Cafe Caramel Standard Poodle
Makay Break for No One Vizsla
Makay Follow Your Arrow Vizsla
Makay Forgotten Twice Vizsla
Makay Got Alotta Nerve Vizsla
Makay Lemons Never Forget (5) Vizsla
Makay Moment to Bee Vizsla
Makay Redneck Mother Vizsla
Makay Speak of Fairytales Vizsla

CH Makay Whiskey Lullaby (41) Vizsla
Makay Ain’t No Sunshine (3) Afghan Hound
Makay When She’s Gone Afghan Hound
Makay Above the Falls Pumi
Makay In Pieces We Rise Pumi
Makay Shine Deep Pumi
Makay All Nightmare Long Standard Poodle
Makay Cloud Shine Standard Poodle
Makay Break the Bank Vizsla
Makay Forget Nothing (8) Vizsla
Makay Guitar Town Vizsla
Makay Smoky Mountain Rain (3) Vizsla
Makay Speak of Magic Vizsla

By Makay Wait for the Flush out of Makay Senorita Klaus.
(4 days)
Makay Wait for the Cheer (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Makay Wait for the Miracle (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Makay Stroke of Luck out of Makay Wait for the Jackpot.
(4 days)
Makay Lucky Spin (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Makay Lucky Roll (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Ch Makay Hello Jolly out of Makay See Yourself Out.
(4 days)
Makay See Me Happy (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Makay See You Happy (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Ch Pasquel Talent Scout out of Makay Wannabe Jolly.
(4 days)
Makay Wannabe Talent (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Makay Wannabe Scout (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Makay Island Boy out of Makay Sunshine Deville.
(4 days)
Makay Devils Food Cake (Bitch) Standard Poodle
Makay Devil in Daylight (Dog) Standard Poodle
By Ch Makay Metal Mania out of Makay Island Lover.
(4 days)
Makay Metal Morning (Bitch) Standard Poodle
Makay Metal Lover (Bitch) Standard Poodle
Makay Metal Island (Dog) Standard Poodle
By Ch Annaba`s Silver Antics out of Tarot Wait for Me.
(13 days)
Makay Wait for the Antics (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Makay Whiskey Lullaby out of Ch Makay Queens Spell.
(13 days)
Makay Whiskey Queen (10g) (Bitch) Vizsla
Makay Whiskey Magic (Dog) Vizsla

Retirement Couch
CH Nymble Ultraviolet Afghan Hound
CH Makay Queens Spell Vizsla
General Info
Prestige: 47.4 (#256)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/20/2019
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 2/21/2020
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