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Breeder of Over 100 Borzoi Champions, Winning Over 250 All Breed Best In Shows.

Home to Three World Cup Champions - From all of my research this is the most WC champs bred by a single Borzoi Breeder in the games history.
MBIS MBISS GCH CH. Mandays Lady Without A Nation - July 2013 , The Top All Breed BIS Winning Borzoi in Breed History with 45 BIS Wins
MBIS MBISS GCH CH. Mandays Magic Fire - December 2015
MBIS MBISS GCH Ch. Mandays Heart Of The Ocean - February 2016
MBIS MBISS GCH Ch. Mandays Burning Desires - Reserve BIS World Cup
MBIS MBISS GCH Ch. Mandays Fire Nation - Reserve BIS World Cup

There have been numerous Manday bred Borzois to have been number 1 Borzoi, #1 Hound, and #1 Dog of All Breeds in the game's history. Many Manday Borzois have been Merit Producers including
Silver Sire GCH Ch. Mandays Perfection Personafide.

Special Thank You to my good friend Shannon at Wordsmith Borzois for keeping my bloodline alive for the last several years while I took a long break.
We look forward to returning to the rings in the near future.

Because Borzoi SOPs are at 100 I will not be 100% focused on Borzois but I will continue the line.

Current Specials
Multiple Show Placing GCH Ch. BSG Brave Timing
Currently #1 Yorkie, #1 Toy, Top 30 Dog All Breeds
National Specialty Best In Show, Multiple Group Placing Ch. Mandays Hula Girl

GCH CH Mandays Crystal Lalique Afghan Hound
CH Mandays White Diamond Afghan Hound
CH Mandays Mystique (Arons Hawk) Borzoi
CH Mandays Tiger Hawk Borzoi
CH Mandays Adorna (94.95 White Collar ?) Maltese
CH Mandays Hawaiian Holiday (95.6 White Collar) Maltese
CH Mandays Hula Girl (NBISS) Maltese
CH Mandays Mai Tai (96.0 Lancelot?) Maltese
CH Mandays Sabina (95.45 Berries Scarbo) Maltese
CH Mandays Tina Better Shine (96.1 Drunken Hawaiia) Maltese
CH Tarren Jet Bead Pomeranian
CH BSG Alluring Heart (Kentucky Of thee I s) Yorkshire Terrier
CH Mandays Camilla Camel Yorkshire Terrier
CH Mandays Fairy Tale Romance Yorkshire Terrier
CH Mandays Mama Llama Yorkshire Terrier
CH Mandays Tanzania GC (Oh Promise Me) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Ice Queen (SUNSPRAY) Afghan Hound
Mandays Psychedelic Apparition (Fluff Blizzard Mist) Afghan Hound
Mandays Sunsprite Celebrity (Celestial Ivory) Afghan Hound
Mandays Women Are From Mars Afghan Hound
Mandays Black Beauty Borzoi
Mandays Daughter Of Eros Borzoi
Mandays Gryphonet (KOG BRING IT) Borzoi
Mandays Mind Games (X On VR) Borzoi
Mandays Nickeladia (Arons Hawk) Borzoi
Mandays Quack Like A Duck Borzoi
Mandays Silver Secret Borzoi
Mandays Tiercelis Borzoi
Mandays Trixy Vixen Borzoi
Mandays Milonia Caesonia (Happy Days) Chihuahua
Mandays Temptress Of Tipperina Yorkshire Terrier
Waggs Mutual Admiration (96.40) Yorkshire Terrier

CH Mandays Snow Prince Afghan Hound
CH Mandays Intrigue Borzoi
GCH CH BSG Brave Timing (Damon Thomason) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Windchill Factor (Snow Prince ?) Afghan Hound
Mandays Black Watch Borzoi
Mandays Cosmic Inferno Borzoi
Mandays Must Be A Duck Borzoi
Mandays Pheonix Fire Borzoi
Mandays Capricious Caligula (96.8!!) Chihuahua
Mandays King Of The Bungaloos (96.75) Yorkshire Terrier

By Ch Tarren Henry Higgins out of Ch Tarren Jet Bead.
(1 days)
Mandays Shoulda Coulda Woulda (98.9 C. Carrier) (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch Waggs Of Thee I Sing out of Ch Mandays Fairy Tale Romance.
(2 days)
Mandays Love Story Never Heard (96.65) (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays No Gold In This River (Dog) Yorkshire Terrier
By Ch Killick Happy Days out of Carrie N Mandays Portia.
(3 days)
Mandays Makes Mouths Happy (96.85! Twizzler) (Bitch) Chihuahua
Mandays Forever Ferrari (96.75) (Dog) Chihuahua
By Ch Waggs Of Thee I Sing out of Ch BSG Alluring Heart.
(5 days)
Mandays Gotta Dance (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Laugh Out Loud (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
By Fluff Iceman out of Ch Fluff Heavenly Ice.
(7 days)
Mandays Icecapade (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Mandays Enchanted Snowman (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Berries Lancelot out of Ch Mandays Tina Better Shine.
(8 days)
Mandays Gloria Gaiter (SS Super BAD) (Bitch) Maltese
Mandays Merlin (Dog) Maltese
By Berries Scarborough out of Ch Mandays Sabina.
(9 days)
Mandays Dingli (Dog) Maltese
By Mandays White Collar out of Ch Mandays Hawaiian Holiday.
(9 days)
Mandays White Russian (95.4) (Dog) Maltese
Mandays White Wizard (Dog) Maltese
Mandays Hawaiian Vacation (Size) (Bitch) Maltese
Mandays Blue Hawaiian (95.25 Coat) (Bitch) Maltese
By Ch BSG Brave Timing out of Ch Waggs Home Fires Burning.
(9 days)
Mandays Wiggle N Giggle (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Blowing Bubbles (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
By Ch Mandays Tarzan GC out of Waggs Mutual Admiration.
(9 days)
Mandays Missing Clue GC (Dog) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Get A Clue GC (Brood) (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
By Ch Mandays Tarzan GC out of Waggs Cup Runneth Over.
(9 days)
Mandays Jokes On You GC (Brave & Gold) (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
By Ch BSG Brave Timing out of Ch Mandays Tanzania GC.
(10 days)
Mandays Twice As Brave GC (Tarzan Or Son?) (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
Mandays Tangerine GC (Tarzan or Son?) (Bitch) Yorkshire Terrier
By Mandays White Collar out of Mandays Hawaiian Fantasy.
(11 days)
Mandays Sir Galahad (95.7) (Dog) Maltese
By Kohl King OfThe VirtualReality out of Mandays Wordsmith Heritage.
(11 days)
Mandays King Of The Mountain (Dog) Borzoi
Mandays Mountain Heritage (Dog) Borzoi
Mandays Virtual Vortex (Dog) Borzoi
Mandays Elsa Enchanted (Bitch) Borzoi
By Fluff Blizzard Mist out of Fluff Dairy Maid.
(11 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Killick Happy Days out of Mandays Fire Within.
(12 days)
Mandays Playing With Fire (Zephyrus/Caligula) (Bitch) Chihuahua

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 94.0 (#27)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 12/14/2012
Account Level: Standard
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Upcomming Litters
CH Mandays Tanzania GC
Due 10/27/2021 to Waggs Oh Promise Me
CH Mandays Hawaiian Holiday
Due 10/27/2021 to Grays J.F.K.
CH Mandays Sabina
Due 10/27/2021 to Grays J.F.K.
CH Mandays Adorna
Due 10/27/2021 to Grays J.F.K.
Waggs Mutual Admiration
Due 10/27/2021 to Waggs Ohio
CH Mandays Tina Better Shine
Due 10/29/2021 to Grays J.F.K.
CH Mandays Mai Tai
Due 10/29/2021 to Grays J.F.K.
CH Mandays Mystique
Due 10/30/2021 to KOG Bring It
CH Mandays White Diamond
Due 10/30/2021 to Mandays Snow Prince