Meadowly is is a small kennel specializing in beautiful show quality Afghan Hounds. I am currently showing a number of dogs purchased from the lovely Nymble, Tarot, and Gower kennels with hopes to finish them before their incorporation into my breeding program.

I am also breeding Salukis as a side project while I work on showing my Afghan hounds. I am enjoying an unexpected amount of success with these wonderful dogs and plan to have Saluki litters available soon!

If interested in a Meadowly puppy, feel free to offer any amount- the listed fee is not required! If you have a name in mind, message it to me after making your offer. Otherwise, I will come up with a name for the puppy before sending it off to you. ALL puppies up for sale are on a custom ration and are given any of my remaining sessions each day.

Planned Litters
GCH CH Meadowly Beaute en Bleu x ?
coming soon

GCH CH Meadowly Beaute En Bleu Afghan Hound
CH Meadowly Valley Of The Dolls Afghan Hound
CH Meadowly Hello To Heaven Saluki
GCH CH Meadowly Mazzy Star Saluki
Dulmaur Dream Girl Saluki
Meadowly Heavenly Bodies Saluki
Meadowly Twinkling Lilly Saluki

CH Gower Thumbelines Fairy Prince Afghan Hound
CH Meadowly Bossa Nova Afghan Hound
CH Meadowly Creme Caramel Afghan Hound
CH Meadowly Electric Eclectic Afghan Hound
GCH CH Meadowly Tango Of The Tulips Afghan Hound
CH Peregrin Aurelius at Meadowly Saluki
Mavine Alex Saluki
Meadowly Holy Water Saluki
Meadowly Remington Saluki
Meadowly Strawberry Prince (color) Saluki

By Ch Peregrins Time Traveller out of Dulmaur Dream Girl.
(1 days)
Meadowly Dream Weaver (Bitch) Saluki
Meadowly Sweet Dreams (Bitch) Saluki
Meadowly Once Upon A Dream (Bitch) Saluki
Meadowly Dream Traveller (Dog) Saluki
Meadowly Mister Sandman (Dog) Saluki
By Ch Peregrins Time Traveller out of Ch Meadowly Hello To Heaven.
(1 days)
Meadowly Serving Hard Time (Dog) Saluki
Meadowly Sands Of Time (Dog) Saluki
Meadowly Heavenly Traveller (Bitch) Saluki
Meadowly Time In Heaven (Bitch) Saluki
By Rosehound Pistol out of Ch Meadowly Mazzy Star.
(2 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Saluki
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Saluki
By StarTime Chocolate Buzz out of C9K9 Strawberry Dessert.
(8 days)
Meadowly Chocolate Dessert (Bitch) Saluki
Meadowly Black Tie (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Meadowly Gold And New out of Peregrin Promise at Meadowly.
(8 days)
Meadowly Something Borrowed (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Peregrins Zephyr out of Meadowly Little Angel Eyes.
(8 days)
Meadowly Bette Davis Eyes (Bitch) Saluki

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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