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Ch MPDA's Fancy That(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Leviticus(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Since When(BMD)
Ch MPDA's In The Serengeti(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Desiree(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Silver Dollar(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Never Before-seen(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Special Offer(Newf)
Ch MPDA's Firey Furnace(Newf)
Ch MPDA's First Ever (Fieldie)
Ch MPDA's Wish Upon A Star (Fieldie)
Ch Gleyrie The Red White and Blue (Springer)
Ch MPDA's Black Rose (Fieldie)
Ch MPDA's Beach Babe (Springer)
Ch MPDA's The Black Bandit (Fieldie)
Ch Gleyrie Momentum (Springer)
CH MPDA's Once Upon A Dream (Fieldie Finished by Ceron)
Ch Gleyrie Can You Feel The Love (Springer)
Ch MPDA's The Drums of War (Fieldie)
Ch MPDA's Rick Rolled (Fieldie finished by Dhatreal)
Ch MPDA's SciFi (Fieldie)


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Started: 9/20/07

General Info
Prestige: 51.3 (#250)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 7/13/2006
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 7/16/2020

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