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Welcome to NorthDahl Labradors!

Here at NorthDahl Labradors we are striving to breed quality, high SOP Labs for the show ring, while also working towards making Yellows competitive again.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about SD, or if you are interested in buying a puppy that you don't see available for sale.
I love talking to other SD players, so whether you are a newbie or an ole SD pro, don't hesitate to message me if you have questions or need advice! I am by no means an expert, but I'm happy to share tips that have and have not worked for me.


GCH NorthDahl Get Your Freak On (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl The Last Sphinx (Labrador)
GCH Dawn Treader at Duality (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Dark Doc (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Twisted Shine (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Fly Your Freak Flag (Labrador)
GCH DFK Rileys Challenge (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Lance of Ambertal (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Dreamy Reflections (Labrador)
GCH NorthDahl Doc Bar (Labrador)
GCH New England’s Northdahl Rose (Irish Wolfhound)
GCH GLXYs Northdahl Merle Haggard (Great Dane)
GCH GLXYs Northdahl Blue Steel (Great Dane)
GCH GLXYs Northdahl Dark Shadows (Great Dane)
GCH GLXYs Northdahl Brutal Summer (Great Dane)


Ch NorthDahl Buck Blue
Ch NorthDahl Kinda Krazy
Ch NorthDahl Freak Wild
Ch NorthDahl Freakin Angel
Ch Shortline - Agent Gibbs
Ch NorthDahl Royal Whiskey
Ch NorthDahl Dun Avalon
Ch NorthDahl Tarragon Duffy
Ch NorthDahl Tova Bar
Ch NorthDahl Lucky Lunatic
Ch NorthDahl Lucky She
Ch NorthDahl Twisted Tea
Ch NorthDahl Move It
Ch NorthDahl Royal Sheik
Ch NorthDahl Caspian Ghost
Ch NorthDahl Ghost Bar
Ch NorthDahl Big Buck
Ch NorthDahl Ghost Guy
Ch DFK Shining Star
Ch NorthDahl Doc Dunnit
Ch NorthDahl Whiskey Doc
Ch NorthDahl Sun Lucky
Ch NorthDahl Blues Bar
Ch NorthDahl Freak Show
Ch NorthDahl Twisted Lucky
Ch NorthDahl Phantom of the Opera
Ch NorthDahl Hot Toddie
Ch NorthDahl Sleepy Hallow
Ch NorthDahl Who Bar
Ch NorthDahl Phantom Pepper
Ch NorthDahl Show Stopper
Ch Shortline - Sharp Turn
Ch Wyredogs My Gold
Ch NorthDahl Strange Play
Ch NorthDahl Doc Gray
Ch NorthDahl Hard Rock Quarrel
Ch NorthDahl Bearded Red
Ch NorthDahl LoveMeSome Goose
Ch NorthDahl Lightening Storm
Ch NorthDahl Electric Lightening
Ch NorthDahl Gossip Beard
Ch NorthDahl Bearded Queen
Ch NorthDahl Bearded Thunder
Ch NorthDahl Thunder N Swag
Ch SK Wild Will Of NorthDahl
Ch NorthDahl Shadow Chasing
Ch NorthDahl Black Disguise
Ch Synallis CoCo
Ch SK Blossoms And Belles
Ch SK Dreamin of Diamonds
Ch SK Spymaster
Ch Regal Nightshade

Great Danes
Ch NorthDahl Dust N Smoke
Ch NorthDahl Smoke N Steel
Ch GLXYs Northdahl Blue Steel
Ch GLXYs Northdahl Dark Shadows
Ch GLXYs Northdahl Brutal Summer

Australian Kelpies
Ch RumRun Island Time

Burnese Mountain Dogs
Ch Rott-Box T Swift

Irish Wolfhounds
Ch NorthDahl Cons Jubilee
Ch New England’s Northdahl Rose

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Retirement Couch
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