Passion Pixie Kennel

This kennel & associated kennels use the prefix Pixie, feel free to use this prefix if you purchase a puppy that I have bred, but don't feel obligated to! Please use a different prefix for dogs not bred by myself.

• Breeding rare and extinct breeds to increase SOP and decrease COI as well as building a sturdy population. Currently working on Silky Terriers and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs - both populations under 15 individuals when starting.

• Breeding my "soft spot" breeds to a small scale for showing and to keep my lines going.

Sales and Stud Policy
I'm happy to sell to other users, including basics, however, I do reserve the right to reclaim dogs from inactive kennels if I so wish. I may buy back dogs I have bred so feel free to pm me if you are thinking of forever homing a Passion Pixie dog.

Puppies are available for public sale from birth to 14 days old, any unsold will be forever homed. Bitches cost $150 and dogs cost $100. I accept litter reservations by gender via pm.

I will offer males up for public stud at the following basic rates; $25 for non-titled dogs, $50 for CH dogs, and $100 for GC. Due to the low rates, I may occasionally remove males from stud if they are becoming over-represented. If you wish to use one of the males not actively listed for stud please pm me.

Other Kennels
I run two other kennels; Pembroke Pixie Kennel, for my "from source" Pembroke Welsh Corgi line, and Pixie Finishing Kennels which I use to finish my dogs.

Pixie Classic Hawk (89.4) Chinese Shar-Pei
Pixie A Tale of Passion (52.1 C) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Desperate for Passion (28) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Eye for Passion (54.4) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Eyeing the Road (59.9) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Nine Roads (53.6 H) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Fruit Seeds (17) Silky Terrier

Pixie Fan the Flames (29.5) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Grizzly Bear (96.15) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Tiger Passion (53.1) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Tigers Road (62.8) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Painting the Sparrow (54.6 G) Silky Terrier

By Ch SatinSilk Peregrine out of Pixie Painting Passions.
(6 days)
Pixie Silk Canvas (58.8) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
Pixie Painting Peregrine (54.4) (Dog) Silky Terrier
By Ch SatinSilk New Century Sparrow out of Pixie Seeds of Passion.
(6 days)
Pixie Sowing New Seeds (57.5) (Dog) Silky Terrier
Pixie Century Passions (40.8) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
By Ch SatinSilk BT Sparrow out of Pixie Deepest Passion.
(6 days)
Pixie Satin Passion (48.6) (Dog) Silky Terrier
Pixie Sparrow Passions (40.1) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
By Pixie Printed Sand (AK) out of Pixie Games Pending (AK).
(6 days)
Pixie Beach Walks (86) (Bitch) Australian Kelpie
Pixie Rusty Sand (90 H) (Dog) Australian Kelpie
By Pixie Review The Source (AK) out of Pixie Sinking in Rust (AK).
(6 days)
Pixie Australian Source (91.8) (Dog) Australian Kelpie
Pixie Sinking Review (89.2) (Bitch) Australian Kelpie
By Ch Phantasm`s A Bomb out of Pixie Dancing for Roses.
(11 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Alaskan Malamute
By Pixie Passion Flames out of Ilexs Papillon.
(13 days)
Pixie The Butterfly Step (54.9 G) (Dog) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Lucky Passions (59.6) (Dog) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Pixie Butterfly Passion (67.5 S) (Bitch) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 24.9 (#629)
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Signed Up: 11/7/2020
Account Level: Standard
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