Pembroke Pixie Kennel

This kennel & associated kennels use the prefix Pixie, feel free to use this prefix if you purchase a puppy that I have bred, but don't feel obligated to! Please use a different prefix for dogs not bred by myself.

• Creating a from-source line of Pembroke Welsh Corgis - currently up to Generation 18.
• Building a small showing line of Corgis, mixing my new line with existing.
• Working to finish an owner-handled champion in every breed.

Sales and Stud Policy
I'm happy to sell to other users wanting to add some fresh blood to their lines, or even start a new one. As I do not offer puppies for auto sale you will have to pm me to arrange this.

I do not currently offer males for stud in this kennel, as it is mainly a source breeding project. Once the quality of dogs is high enough this may change.

Please feel free to pm me if you wish to use a male as a stud and I will be happy to place the boy up for stud.

Sponsor of the Wonderlight All Breed Shows

GCH CH UDTanami Shifting Mist Bearded Collie
Pixie Khan Magic (82.2) Chinese Shar-Pei
Pixie Fallen Spritz (45.6) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Falling for Pisco (40.5) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Kelda of the Sun (68.8 Kelda Line) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Manhattan Bird (22.1) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Mojito Skyline (30.1) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Rainbow Espresso (44.1) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Saz Clover (34.5) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Sour Coffee (22.8) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pixie Chocolate Curls Irish Water Spaniel

By Pixie Daydream of Sun out of Pixie Mountain of Stars.
(5 days)
Pixie Sunny Mountain (76.6) (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Starred Daydream (73.6) (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Pixie Wild Example out of Pixie Wylde Wood.
(5 days)
Pixie Wylde Example (62.4) (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Pixie Starry Prime out of Pixie Moon Blossom.
(5 days)
Pixie Blossom Stars (70.5) (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Pixie Shot of Ocean out of Pixie Coconut Flight.
(5 days)
Pixie Coconut Shot (88.1) (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pixie Ocean Coconut (74) (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Pixie Camellia Hunger out of Pixie Ale Express.
(5 days)
Pixie Expressing Hunger (74.2) (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By HighD American Mister out of Pixie Zhangmu.
(6 days)
Pixie Mister Zhang (51.7) (Dog) Tibetan Spaniel
By Dragonsong Ack Crafty out of Pixie Taktser.
(6 days)
Pixie Ack Tak (53.1) (Bitch) Tibetan Spaniel
By TRH All Billy out of Pixie Irish Source.
(6 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Irish Water Spaniel
Pixie All Source (48.9) (Bitch) Irish Water Spaniel
By Ch Tumblin Seacláid Te out of Pixie Irish Spring.
(6 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Irish Water Spaniel
Pixie Irish Tea (52.5) (Bitch) Irish Water Spaniel
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Irish Water Spaniel

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 37.9 (#302)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/19/2019
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed
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Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
Pixie Fallen Spritz
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Free Slush
Pixie Falling for Pisco
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Whiskey Espresso
Pixie Manhattan Bird
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Sour Man
Pixie Mojito Skyline
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Sazerac Club
Pixie Rainbow Espresso
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Irish Spritz
Pixie Sour Coffee
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Manhattan Mojito
Pixie Saz Clover
Due 7/8/2022 to Pixie Jungle Fall