Welcome to Photographic, breeding Beagles, English Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels and Scottish Deerhounds.

~Make me everything you need me to be, so the judgement seems fair.~

~Pups from litters almost constantly available.~
~Dogs are priced according to quality.~
~Always happy to lower sale fees to a price both parties are comfortable with, although we ask you do not abuse this.~
~All studs will always be $25, we want to share our boys!~
~If a pup is up for sale for more than $150 we ask you try to finish this dog to the best of your abilities.~
~If an adult is up for sale for more than $150 we do not ask they be finished.~

Dogs of Worthy Mention
Ch Graphic`s Making A Move ~ 2 x BOB placer.
Gch Ch Graphic`s Moment Of Your Life ~ 13 x BOB placer.
~50 Grand Champion Points.
Ch Graphic Let The Music Play ~ Reserve Winners Dog at the August 2011 World Cup.
~BOB placer.
Ch Graphic On The Inside ~ BOB placer.

Monthly News
21/04/2012- Every pup bred at Photographic which we believe will finish will be given a Devil based name.

GCH CH Graphics Cant Be Safe has officially gotten a group placement! It was only fouth but for a breeder who rarely gets group placements I couldn't be happier. Thank you to all of you breeding to him, I appreciate it. LETS GO FOR FIRST laugh :D

~Do what you want.~


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