Rhoslyn Kennels


I am working through all breeds in no particular order. So far I have bred 307 champions in 152 breeds. Once I have finished each breed I will place remaining stock up for sale, these sales dogs may be puppies, young adults, breeding age adults, part sessioned, sessioned or champions.

I am currently working on a selection of breeds before taking a break from the quest to devote this kennel to Whippets. A huge thank you to Fenix for selling some quality Whippets to me.


Australian Cattle Dog ~ Rhoslyn Miss Angelica, Rhoslyn Sunshine
Australian Kelpie ~ CH Rhoslyn Silver Gift
Australian Shepherd ~ Rhoslyn Centre Stage OnFire
Bearded Collie ~ Rhoslyn Naughty n Nice
Belgian Laekenois ~ Rhoslyn Rocket Man
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Sheepdog ~ Rhoslyn Brief Encounter, Rhoslyn Painted Butterfly, Rhoslyn Heir Apparent
Belgian Tervuren ~ Rhoslyn Masquerade Rose
Bergamasco ~ Rhoslyn First Of The Few
Border Collie ~ Rhoslyn Moonchild
Bouvier des Flandres ~ Rhoslyn Diamond Rock
Briard ~ Rhoslyn Kaiser Chief, PotterCoves Just The Beginning
Canaan Dog ~ Rhoslyn Crossfire, Topaz Civil War
Cardigan Welsh Corgi ~
Collie ~ CH Rhoslyn Flaming Star
German Shepherd Dog ~ CH Rhoslyn Timeless Beauty
Mudi ~ CH Rhoslyn Dark Phoenix
Norwegian Buhund CH Rhoslyn Miss Moneypenny
Old English Sheepdog ~ Rhoslyn Lunar Spirit
Pembroke Welsh Corgi ~ Rhoslyn Night Games
Polish Lowland Sheepdog ~ Rhoslyn Summer Son
Puli ~ Rhoslyn Tinkertoy
Pumi ~ Rhoslyn Melting Ice, Rhoslyn Touch Of Velvet
Pyrenean Shepherd ~ CH Rhoslyn Secret Spirit, CH Rhoslyn Bubbling Spirit, CH Rhoslyn Turbo Tiger, CH Rhoslyn Solo Spirit
Shetland Sheepdog ~ Rhoslyn Sweet Eclipse
Swedish Vallhund ~ Rhoslyn Call Of The Wild


Afghan Hound ~ Rhoslyn Divine Legend, Rhoslyn Reign Supreme
American Foxhound ~ Rhoslyn Star Chaser, Rhoslyn Seven Wishes
Azawakh ~
Basenji ~ CH Rhoslyn Champagne Noir, CH Rhoslyn Inner Circle
Basset Hound ~ CH Rhoslyn Lemon Balm, CH Rhoslyn Lemon Watch
Black and Tan Coonhound ~ Rhoslyn Kryptonite, Rhoslyn Ferninand, Rhoslyn Pavlova, Rhoslyn Sunrise, Rhoslyn Taboo, Rhoslyn Skywalker, Rhoslyn Bond, Rhoslyn Outlaw, Rhoslyn Sheriff, Rhoslyn Secret Love, Chaser`s When Legends Fled, Chaser`s From The Beyond
Bloodhound ~ Rhoslyn First Impressions
Borzoi ~ CH Rhoslyn Just My Imagination
Dachshund ~ CH Rhoslyn Amber Velvet, CH Rhoslyn Last Look
English Foxhound ~ CH Rhoslyn Flashy Lad, CH Rhoslyn Solar Eclipse, CH Rhoslyn Harvest Time, CH Rhoslyn Drama Queen, CH Rhoslyn Fortune Cookie, September 2014 International Champion Rhoslyn Night Spirit, CH Rhoslyn Devil`s Advocate
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen ~ CH Rhoslyn Air Of Elegance
Greyhound ~
Harrier ~ CH Rhoslyn The Runaway
Ibizan Hound ~ CH Rhoslyn Vanilla Sky, CH Rhoslyn High Five
Irish Wolfhound ~ GCH Azalea Hill Cause For Applause, CH Solimars Mystic Cloud, CH Rhoslyn Take The High Road
Norwegian Elkhound
Otterhound ~ CH Rhoslyn Aria Rose, CH Rhoslyn Edge Of Reason
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen ~ CH Rhoslyn Indigo Storm
Pharaoh Hound ~ CH Rhoslyn Brandy Butter, CH Rhoslyn Away From The Sun, CH Rhoslyn Phoenix, CH Rhoslyn Foxy Dancer
Portuguese Podengo ~ CH Rhoslyn Midnight Mojito
Redbone Coonhound ~ CH Rhoslyn Frozen In Time
Rhodesian Ridgeback ~ CH Rhoslyn Red Ensign, CH Rhoslyn Chilli Pepper
Saluki ~ CH Rhoslyn Faraway Moon
Scottish Deerhound ~ CH Rhoslyn Keeper Of The Keys
Thai Ridgeback ~ CH Rhoslyn Bad Medicine
Whippet ~ CH Rhoslyn Blue Fire, CH Rhoslyn Blue Bliss, CH Rhoslyn Blue Flame, CH Rhoslyn Phoenix Rising, CH Rhoslyn Phoenix Star, CH Rhoslyn Phoenix River


Alaskan Klee Kai
American Eskimo Dog - Rhoslyn Morning Mist
Bichon Frise ~ Rhoslyn Muffin Man
Boston Terrier - Rhoslyn Chain Of Events, Rhoslyn Dream Of Glory
Bulldog ~ Ch Rhoslyn Rainbow Ribbons
Chinese Shar-Pei ~ Rhoslyn Madison Avenue. Rhoslyn Eternal Knight, Rhoslyn Passion Flower
Chow Chow ~ Rhoslyn Diamonds And Lace
Dalmatian ~ CH Rhoslyn Party Girl
Finnish Spitz ~ CH Rhoslyn Daydream Believer, Rhoslyn Count To Ten
French Bulldog ~ CH Rhoslyn Ruby Wine
German Spitz ~ Rhoslyn Miss Tickle
Keeshond ~ Rhoslyn Chase The Ace
Lhasa Apso ~ Rhoslyn Trivial Pursuit
Lowchen GCH Rhoslyn Midnight Oasis, GCH Rhoslyn Pinball Wizard
Miniature Poodle ~
Schipperke ~ Rhoslyn Silent Witness
Shiba Inu ~ Rhoslyn Fallen Hero
Standard Poodle ~ Rhoslyn King Canute
Tibetan Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Fame And Fortune, CH Rhoslyn Zest For Life
Tibetan Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Moon Queen, CH Rhoslyn Forever Brave, CH Rhoslyn Forever Forward


American Cocker Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Lady In Red, CH Rhoslyn What A Wizard, CH Rhoslyn Lasting Legacy
American Water Spaniel ~ Rhoslyn Ice Crusader, Rhoslyn Ice Queen, Rhoslyn Ice Prince, Rhoslyn Foggy Notion
Brittany ~ Rhoslyn Othello
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Clumber Spaniel - Rhoslyn Fancy Free
Curly-Coated Retriever
English Cocker Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Sweet Sensation, CH Rhoslyn Take Two, CH Rhoslyn Black Velvet, CH Rhoslyn Fly By Night
English Setter ~ CH Rhoslyn Misty Secret
English Springer Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Going My Way, CH Rhoslyn Witch Doctor
Field Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Moment Of Peace
Flat-Coated Retriever ~ CH Rhoslyn Desert Treasure, CH Rhoslyn Peanut, CH Rhoslyn Buzzard
German Shorthaired Pointer ~ CH Rhoslyn Just A Reflection
German Wirehaired Pointer ~ CH Rhoslyn Misty Tale, CH Rhoslyn Fairy Tale, CH EDD Peter, CH Rhoslyn Lady In Black
Golden Retriever ~ Rhoslyn Down To Business
Gordon Setter
Irish Red and White Setter ~ CH Rhoslyn No Limits, CH Rhoslyn Pure Honey, CH Rhoslyn Man In The Moon, CH Rhoslyn Midnight Princess
Irish Setter ~ Rhoslyn Vallhalla
Irish Water Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Magic Charm, CH Carrie Through
Labrador Retriever ~ Rhoslyn Rainbow Illusion
Lagotto Romagnolo
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever ~ CH Rhoslyn Beach Baby
Portuguese Pointer ~ Rhoslyn Woodland Imp
Spanish Water Dog ~ Rhoslyn Otto, Rhoslyn Genie
Spinone Italiano ~ Rhoslyn Tangerine Dream
Sussex Spaniel ~ Rhoslyn Singing In The Rain
Vizsla ~ CH Rhoslyn Magic Spell, CH Rhoslyn Just Amber, CH Rhoslyn Just Got Lucky
Weimaraner ~ Rhoslyn Manhattan Lad, Rhoslyn Red Diesel, Rhoslyn Enchanted Melody, Rhoslyn Sparkling Star, Rhoslyn Tipsy Mouse
Welsh Springer Spaniel ~
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon ~ Rhoslyn Jack In The Box


Airedale Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Caliber
Australian Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Sound Of An Angel, CH Rhoslyn Sound Of Silence, CH Rhoslyn Sea Poppy, CH Rhoslyn Sea Lily, CH Rhoslyn Sea Holly
Bedlington Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Wishful Thinking
Border Terrier ~
Bull Terrier ~
Cairn Terrier ~
Dandie Dinmont Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Twisted Sister
Glen of Imaal Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Party Popper
Irish Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier ~ GCH AppleCreek Four Leaf Jack, CH Rhoslyn Peppermint Truffle, CH Rhoslyn Celestial Star
Kerry Blue Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Petit Rhapsody, CH Rhoslyn Dark Dream
Lakeland Terrier
Manchester Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Spring Glow
Miniature Bull Terrier ~
Miniature Schnauzer ~ CH Rhoslyn Pink Champagne, CH Rhoslyn Pink Gin
Norfolk Terrier
Norwich Terrier
Rat Terrier
Scottish Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Silver Wizard, CH Rhoslyn Secret Wizard, CH Rhoslyn Ocean Breeze
Sealyham Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Zero To Hero
Skye Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Spirit Catcher, Rhoslyn Moulin Rouge, Rhoslyn Polar Express
Smooth Fox Terrier ~ Mudkip`s Perle Rose, Rhoslyn Mister Solo
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Lady Luck
Welsh Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Lady Marmalade, CH Rhoslyn Lost History, CH Rhoslyn Native Rose
West Highland White Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Jumping Jack
Wire Fox Terrier ~


Affenpinscher ~ Rhoslyn Midnight Runner
Brussels Griffon ~ CH Rhoslyn Fragrant Storm, CH Rhoslyn Storm Chaser
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Red Rum
Chihuahua ~ Rhoslyn Paradise City
Chinese Crested Dog ~ Rhoslyn Sassy Lass
English Toy Spaniel ~ CH Rhoslyn Black Prince
Italian Greyhound ~ Rhoslyn Ti Amo
Japanese Chin ~ CH Rhoslyn Prairie Logic, Rhoslyn Secret Whisper, Rhoslyn Shooting Star
Maltese ~ Rhoslyn Moments Like This, Rhoslyn Daisy Mae, Rhoslyn Mirage, Rhoslyn Joyful, Rhoslyn Swift
Manchester Toy Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Tarragon
Miniature Pinscher ~ CH Rhoslyn Second Strike, CH Rhoslyn Manhatten Magic, CH Rhoslyn Gothic Dream, CH Rhoslyn Three Times A Lady
Papillon ~ CH Rhoslyn Sheer Elegance, CH Rhoslyn Fozzy
Pekingese ~ CH Rhoslyn True Colors
Pug ~ Rhoslyn Mr Bumble
Shih Tzu
Silky Terrier ~ Rhoslyn Damsel Rose, Rhoslyn Stream Dancer
Toy Fox Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Rags To Riches
Toy Poodle ~ CH Rhoslyn In The Shadows, CH Rhoslyn Twilight Secret
Yorkshire Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Candy Lou, CH Rhoslyn Music Man


Akita ~ CH Rhoslyn Moon Mischief, CH Rhoslyn Silver Sandman, CH Rhoslyn Silver Cloud, CH Rhoslyn Crystal Pool, CH Rhoslyn Darkness, CH Rhoslyn Dark Desire
Alaskan Malamute ~ CH Rhoslyn Silver Storm, CH Rhoslyn Moonlight Blue
Anatolian Shepherd ~
Appenzeller Sennenhund ~ CH Rhoslyn Spell On You, CH Rhoslyn Beginners Luck, CH Rhoslyn Nibbles
Argentine Dogo ~ CH Rhoslyn Red Alert, CH Rankin Apocalypso, CH Rhoslyn Storm Trooper, GCH Rhoslyn Midnight Symphony, CH Rhoslyn Lucky Lady
Beauceron ~ CH Rhoslyn Upsy Daisy
Bernese Mountain Dog ~ CH Rhoslyn Forrest Fable
Black Russian Terrier ~ CH Rhoslyn Pale Moon, CH Rhoslyn Twilight Valley
Boxer ~ CH Rhoslyn Rapid Flight
Bullmastiff ~ CH Sho*Nuff Bubba Gump
Cane Corso ~ CH Rhoslyn Champagne Salute, CH Rhoslyn Champagne Ivy
Caucasian Mountain Dog ~ CH Rhoslyn Ginger Spice
Doberman Pinscher ~ CH Rhoslyn Trinity Star, CH Masquerade Hundred and Three, CH JJ Dubeee Dobeee
Dogue de Bordeaux ~ CH Rhoslyn Ring Of Fire, CH CK Dream Time, CH CK Wild Fire
Estrela Mountain Dog
German Pinscher ~ CH Rhoslyn Mystic Moonshadow, CH Rhoslyn Smartie at Brooklands, CH Rhoslyn Penny Black
Giant Schnauzer ~ CH Rhoslyn Could It Be Magic
Great Dane ~ CH Rhoslyn Final Fantasy, GCH Rhoslyn Doc Holliday
Great Pyrenees ~ CH Rhoslyn The Minstrel, CH Rhoslyn The Entertainer
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog ~ CH Rhoslyn Winter Witch
Komondor ~ CH Rhoslyn Ice Maiden, CH Mátyás Catcha Falling Star
Leonberger ~
Mastiff ~ CH Rhoslyn Texas Thunder
Neapolitan Mastiff ~ CH Rhoslyn French Light, CH Rhoslyn First Light, CH Rhoslyn Frosty Light, CH Grey Lady, CH Rhoslyn Grey Skies, CH Rhoslyn Winter Light
Newfoundland ~ CH Rhoslyn Secrets Of Style
Portugese Water Dog ~ CH Rhoslyn Made In Heaven, CH Rhoslyn Call Me, CH Rhoslyn Crystal Lake, CH Rhoslyn Paris Express
Rottweiler ~ CH Rhoslyn Moonlight Bay
Saint Bernard ~ CH Rhoslyn Kiss n Tell, CH Rhoslyn Hysteria, CH Rhoslyn Jokers Wild
Samoyed ~ CH Rhoslyn Moon Dancer, CH Rhoslyn Pixie Dust
Siberian Husky ~ CH Rhoslyn Moonlight Snow
South African Boerboel ~ CH Rhoslyn Silver Eclipse, CH Rhoslyn Winter Eclipse, CH Rhoslyn Midas Touch
Standard Schnauzer ~ CH Rhoslyn Malou Dream, CH Rhoslyn Malou Lady, CH Rhoslyn Malou Prince, CH Malou Rebel, CH Malou Summertime, CH Malou Stargazer, CH Malou Sunshine, CH Malou Dancing Queen, CH Malou Paprika
Tibetan Mastiff ~ CH Rhoslyn Fire And Ice

Thank you to all kennels who have finished a dog bred by me.


CH BSG Burly Heart Airedale Terrier
CH BSG Ceramic Wayfarer Anatolian Shepherd
GCH CH Rosewood Harleen Quinzel (B) Miniature Poodle
GCH CH Fenix Blueprint 100 Whippet
GCH CH Fenix Names Matter IH Whippet
CH Rhoslyn Blue Bliss Whippet
CH Rhoslyn Phoenix Star Whippet
New Puppy #4 Airedale Terrier
New Puppy #5 Airedale Terrier
Rhoslyn Toriangel Azawakh
DH Hot Ticket Border Terrier
New Puppy #3 Border Terrier
Brickhouse Palmita (98.30 Sz) Bull Terrier
Rhoslyn Copper Palm (session) Bull Terrier
GIG Dance to Rhoslyn Cairn Terrier
New Puppy #6 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
New Puppy #7 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
BSG Blooming Cosmos Chinese Crested Dog
New Puppy #1 Chinese Crested Dog
New Puppy #2 Greyhound
New Puppy #3 Greyhound
wB~52`s AuqaFinna Royela I (Sess4SHOW) Greyhound
Rhoslyn Summer Star Leonberger
New Puppy #3 Miniature Bull Terrier
Rhoslyn Magic Harmony (session) Miniature Poodle
Rhoslyn Magic Maid (session) Miniature Poodle
Rhoslyn Magic Melody (session) Miniature Poodle
Rhoslyn Dwynwen Welsh Springer Spaniel
New Puppy #1 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #1 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #1 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #2 Whippet
New Puppy #3 Whippet
New Puppy #4 Whippet
New Puppy #5 Whippet
New Puppy #5 Whippet
New Puppy #6 Whippet
New Puppy #6 (session) Whippet
BSG Flashing Fox. Wire Fox Terrier
New Puppy #1 Wire Fox Terrier
Rhoslyn Million Diamonds (session) Wire Fox Terrier

GCH CH Fenix CatScan 100 Whippet
CH Rhoslyn Blue Fire Whippet
CH Rhoslyn Blue Flame Whippet
CH Rhoslyn Phoenix River Whippet
New Puppy #1 Airedale Terrier
New Puppy #2 (session) Anatolian Shepherd
New Puppy #3 (session) Anatolian Shepherd
New Puppy #2 (session) Border Terrier
New Puppy #3 (session) Border Terrier
WB~52`s Abels Jeans (Sess4SHOW) Greyhound
Fawn 34.90 Whippet
New Puppy #1 Whippet
New Puppy #1 Whippet
New Puppy #2 Whippet
New Puppy #2 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #2 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #2 (session) Whippet
New Puppy #3 Whippet
New Puppy #3 Whippet

By Agamede In The Light out of wB~52`s AuqaFinna Royela I.
(13 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Greyhound
By Ch GIG Luther out of GIG Dance to Rhoslyn.
(13 days)
New Puppy #7 (Bitch) Cairn Terrier
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Cairn Terrier

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