Rivers Edge has returned! I will be resuming my affix of RE since I've been here for a very long time. I would like to thank Luxemburg for helping me get back into this elegant breed, and will work to continue your legacy of the perfect tempered dog.

Thank you to Intrinsic Tervs for starting me off with some beautiful dogs!

RE is focusing on aiding in breeding the best Belgian Sheepdogs and Belgian Tervurens in cooperation with some of the players that are still around! My lines are far back in the generations, if you search.


I do not require second pick puppy for most stud services. I will ask second pick puppy if I reduce the stud fee for you, which I am happy to do so.


Once you buy a dog from me, it is yours to do with as you please. I do not require anyone to offer me a dog back if they no longer want it.


Are offered for sale when available. They may or may not be named. I also take reservations, but will also recommend other breeders if I do not have anything available.


Will be available from time to time.


Can range anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00, with lower prices being more frequent. This will depend on the traits of the dog as well as their accomplishments.


Feel free to inquire.

My fond memories

At 120 days of age, BRONZE SIRE Walker CD was the number 11 all time Belgian Sheepdog on 5/05/2007. Holding 54 Best of Breed Wins, he is by far the most successful Belgian Sheepdog I have ever bred. DECEASED

BRONZE SIRE Schäferhund was the start of what I call my "RUN" in Belgian Sheepdogs. He was the beginning of multi winning sprees won by himself and other Belgian Sheepdogs I bred during a few short months. Sire of 12 Champions as well. DECEASED

Multi BISS BOB Ch. Damask Polar Star DECEASED

This bitch was sired by Schäferhund, and is his top winning progeny. I am very proud of this girl, and that Schäferhund produced her. I do not own this bitch [never have] and did not breed this bitch, but she is worth a thousand words and more. She is bred, owned, finished, and treasured by Damask Rose.



Photos have their source on the bottom. Clipart graphics are used/altered with permission by www.aheadgraphics.com and I am the one who colors them/adds detail to them. DO NOT STEAL/USE THESE CLIPART IMAGES! 99% of the real canine photos are found royalty free on www.flickr.com and are public photos. The other 1% are taken by me. Photos hosted by Photobucket. Don't take my work.

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