Rosewood House

GCH CH Rosewood Buffy Summers (S) Miniature Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Harleen Quinzel (A) Miniature Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Lyla Olivia (A) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Maleficent (B) Miniature Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Proud Mary (B) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Regina George (B) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Corpse Bride (A) Standard Poodle
CH Rosewood Allie Hamilton (A) Toy Poodle
CH Rosewood Marla Singer (A) Toy Poodle
CH Rosewood Nina Sayers (S) Toy Poodle
CH Rosewood Pam Anderson (S) Toy Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Veronica Corningstone (A) Toy Poodle
Rosewood BellaTrix (A) Miniature Poodle
Rosewood Kate Beckinsale (A) Miniature Poodle
Rosewood Rachel Green (A) Miniature Poodle
Rosewood Victoria Everglot (A) Toy Poodle

GCH CH Rosewood Alan Grant (B) Miniature Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Dean Winchester (A) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Tony Stark (A) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Wade Walker (A) Miniature Poodle
CH Rosewood Farewell And Adieu (S) Standard Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Gerry Cinnamon (S) Toy Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Jeff Goldblum (B) Toy Poodle
CH Rosewood Little Lion Man (S) Toy Poodle
GCH CH Rosewood Ron Burgundy (A) Toy Poodle
CH Rosewood Vincent Vega (A) Toy Poodle
Rosewood Jack Sparrow (A) Miniature Poodle
Rosewood Devon (A) Toy Poodle

By Ch Rosewood Dean Winchester out of Ch Rosewood Harleen Quinzel.
(1 days)
Rosewood Supernatural (*) (Dog) Miniature Poodle
Rosewood Margot Robbie (*) (Bitch) Miniature Poodle
By Ch UnD Bring Me Back out of Ch Rosewood Buffy Summers.
(2 days)
Rosewood Highway To Hell (*) (Dog) Miniature Poodle

Retirement Couch
GCH CH UDRosewood Amity Island (Quint) Standard Poodle
General Info
Prestige: 89.4 (#44)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/5/2021
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 5/18/2022
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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Rosewood Veronica Corningstone
Due 5/19/2022 to Rosewood Vincent Vega
CH Rosewood Regina George
Due 5/19/2022 to McIntosh Dark Magician
CH Rosewood Maleficent
Due 5/19/2022 to Rosewood Wade Walker
GCH CH Rosewood Proud Mary
Due 5/19/2022 to UnD Bring Me Back
Rosewood Victoria Everglot
Due 5/19/2022 to Comet Mile High
CH Rosewood Allie Hamilton
Due 5/20/2022 to Rosewood Jeff Goldblum
CH Rosewood Corpse Bride
Due 5/22/2022 to Rosewood Farewell And Adieu