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Accounts :
°Boodie Kennels - Collie
°Cardi B. Kennels - Mudi

CH Shaws A LOT OF HÉRMES ON ME (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Adella (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH CDShaws AINT STOPPING ME.!! (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Andrina (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Arista (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Attina (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws BREAK MY SOUL (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws CHURCHGIRL (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
GCH CH Shaws COZY (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
GCH CH UDShaws CUFF IT (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws ENERGY (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
CH Shaws HEATED (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
CH Shaws I DONT WANT THIS POWER (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
GCH CH UDShaws IM THAT GIRL (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws LABEL WH**** CANT CLÖCK (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws PURE/HONEY (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws SUMMER RENAISSANCE (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
CH Shaws THIQUE (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
CH Shaws• Queen Elizabeth II (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
Shaws CØZY • With Who I Am (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws DAENYS TARGARYEN (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws DRACARYS x TARGARYEN (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
Shaws I GOTTA CØÖL DOWN (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws JT Of CÏTY GÎRL$ (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
Shaws JUST AS PETTY AS YOU ARE (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws September (99.7 BREED) Newfoundland
Shaws SHE*S A HERO.! (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland

GCH CH Shaws ALL UP IN YOUR MIND (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws BETO for Governor (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
GCH CH Shaws LIL MURDA (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Long Live The King (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
GCH CH Shaws PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws PLEASE MUTHA***** (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
CH Shaws Saucy Santana (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
Shaws AEGON I TARGARYEN (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
Shaws BIH IM FLORESCENT BEIGE (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
Shaws Comfortable In My Skin (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws DONT GET ØUTTA LINE (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws HE MORE ST. TROPAZ (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws Hike It In The Aïr.! (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland
Shaws IM SO °OBSCURE°.! (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
Shaws UNCLE JOHNNY (99.7 SESS) Newfoundland

By Ch Shaws BETO for Governor out of Ch Shaws HEATED.
(11 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Newfoundland
(11 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Newfoundland

Retirement Couch
CH A T K Chill (99.7 Bronze Dam) Newfoundland
CH UDShaws RENAISSANCE (99.7 SHOW) Newfoundland
General Info
Prestige: 88.5 (#67)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/2/2018
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 11/26/2022
Community Rank: 700th
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