Snake in Grass

Ranked the #1 Löwchen Breeder of February and March 2021
Breeder of quality Lowchen and Pomeranian since 2021. We occasionally dabble in Great Dane and Saluki.

Best in Specialty Show at the March 2021 Lowchen Nationals Winner

Bronze GCH SIG Drama Mama
Best of Breed x48, Best in Specialty Show x2
Top Löwchen of March 2021

CH SIG Girls Girls Girls (Girly) Lowchen
CH SIG Surprisingly Dramatic (Surprise) Lowchen
SIG Lovely Form (Lolo ) Great Dane
SIG Designer Only (Dior) Lowchen
SIG Expensive Taste (Haute) Lowchen
SIG Rum Yum Yum (Yum Yum) Lowchen
SIG Surprisingly Queen Like (Quinnly) Lowchen
SIG Tokyo Tease (Tease) Lowchen
SIG What A Pleasant Surprise (Pleasant) Lowchen
SIG Beverly Hills Baby (Baby) Pomeranian
SIG So Sweet It Hurts (Toothache) Pomeranian
SIG Sweet As Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin) Pomeranian
SIG Sweet Treat (Cheesecake) Pomeranian

SIG Big Spender (Tony Stark) Lowchen
SIG Queens Surprise (Sur 2) Lowchen
SIG Seoul Addicted (Seoul) Lowchen
SIG Simpatichnyy Paren (Sobaka) Lowchen
SIG Truly An Honor (Honor) Lowchen
SIG Whole Lotta Power (Power) Lowchen
SIG Very Important Pup (Pup) Pomeranian
Antoc Knee Deep (Needle) Saluki
SIG Intro III (NF) Saluki

By C Lions Phoenix Fire* out of Ch SIG Girls Girls Girls.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Lowchen
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Lowchen
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Lowchen
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Lowchen
SIG Girl on Fire (Katniss) (Bitch) Lowchen
By Ch BanCree Impact Saxon Maid out of BanCree A Glorious Tick.
(7 days)
BanCree Glorious Saxon (Sax) (Dog) Briard
By Ch BanCree Impact Saxon Maid out of Ch BanCree Glorious Kees.
(7 days)
BanCree Kees Impact (Kee) (Bitch) Briard
By C Lions Lemon Lightning out of C Lions Quick Lemons.
(7 days)
SIG C Lions Lemon Flavor (Lem) (Dog) Lowchen

Retirement Couch
GCH CH SIG Drama Mama (Drama) Lowchen
CH SIG Drama Queen (Queen) Lowchen
CH SIG Luxurious Lifestyle (Louis V) Lowchen
General Info
Prestige: 37.9 (#367)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/31/2021
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 6/15/2021
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CH SIG Surprisingly Dramatic
Due 6/16/2021 to SIG Whole Lotta Power