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GCH CH UDBTB Love Is A Losing Game (Beetle (b) Boxer
New Puppy #6 Bloodhound
Sabot Afterimage Bloodhound
Sabot Angels Share Bloodhound
Sabot Beach Vacation (3 | Tina) Bloodhound
Sabot Bog Witch (Baba') Bloodhound
Sabot Red Light District Bloodhound
Sabot Ring of Fire (3 | Sora) Bloodhound
Sabot Smoking Gun (2H | Bonni | b) Bloodhound
Sabot The Cute One (Penny..) Bloodhound
Sabot Vanishing Point (1P | Carmen*) Bloodhound
TriH Swipe Right (Tara° (b) Boxer
Triple H Arte Povera (Dutchess•) Boxer
Triple H Each Step A Pose (Blair) Boxer
Triple H Jersey Shore (Trish") Boxer
Triple H Love Actually (Clair) Boxer
Triple H One Fall (Oli˜) Boxer
Triple H Red Light District (Clem^) Boxer
Just Around the Riverbend (Sadie (b) German Shepherd Dog
Solanin All The Rave (Rhoe) Kuvasz
Solanin Cold Wave Kuvasz
Solanin Cross Country Kuvasz
Solanin Flash Frozen Kuvasz
Solanin Freezing Point (1 | Chilli |) Kuvasz
Solanin World Tour Kuvasz

Grenich Rain Stick (0.Jim*) Bloodhound
New Puppy #7 Bloodhound
Sabot Bite the Bullet (1.5 | Huck) Bloodhound
Sabot Dawn Patrole (Hati..) Bloodhound
Sabot Devils Cut Bloodhound
Sabot Illusion (1P | Rusty*) Bloodhound
Sabot Optical Illusion Bloodhound
Sabot Orchard Hill (2K | Summer | b) Bloodhound
Sabot Red Letter Day (Whit) Bloodhound
Sabot Tea Leaves (3 | Oakley) Bloodhound
Sabot Warlock (Merlin') Bloodhound
Sabot White Hot (2M | Tuck*| b) Bloodhound
Télos A Boy Named Sue (Buster (b) Boxer
TriH Brother George (G*) Boxer
TriH Finish Line (Dante) Boxer
Triple H Contemporary (Devon•) Boxer
Triple H Eternal Sunshine (Jim^) Boxer
Triple H Gun Club (Bill") Boxer
Triple H Hey Brother (Luke˜) Boxer
Kiroja Southeast German Shepherd Dog
Solanin Blind Melon Kuvasz
Solanin No Rain (0 | Mel |) Kuvasz
Solanin Sweet Frost (1 | Cane |) Kuvasz

By Sabot White Hot out of Sabot Smoking Gun.
(4 days)
New Puppy #10 (Bitch) Bloodhound
New Puppy #9 (Dog) Bloodhound
New Puppy #8 (Bitch) Bloodhound
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Bloodhound
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Bloodhound
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Bloodhound
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Bloodhound
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Bloodhound
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Bloodhound
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Bloodhound
By Solanin No Rain out of Solanin Freezing Point.
(7 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Kuvasz
Solanin Frost Bite (Dog) Kuvasz
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Kuvasz
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Kuvasz
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Kuvasz
By Ch GF One More Light out of Just Around the Riverbend.
(12 days)
Solanin One More Time (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog

Retirement Couch
CH EV Virianyas (Vixy (b) Bloodhound
Télos Agricola (1B.Cole (b) Bloodhound
Télos Blackberry Pie (1A.Lea (b) Bloodhound
Télos Café con Leché (1C.Baily* (b) Bloodhound
Télos Double Shot (1C.Cooper* (b) Bloodhound
Télos The Duke (1A.Duke (b) Bloodhound
Télos Rococo (2*. Zoe) Boxer
TriH Deck the Halls (0. Holly (b) Boxer
Cake By The Ocean (0 | Jinell | b) Kuvasz
Solanin Coup détat (0 | Zechs | b) Kuvasz
Solanin Four Star (0 | Gohan |) Kuvasz
Solanin Red Label (Katja | 0) Kuvasz
Sunwing Snow Drift of Onyxx (0 | Marzipan | b) Kuvasz
Sunwing Wind Resistance (0 | Jake | b) Kuvasz
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Prestige: 26.9 (#437)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/5/2017
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed
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"Boxer puppies!"
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