Solcintra II

GCH CH Tarot Midnight Moonlight Afghan Hound
CH Fog Dogs Babushka Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Aelliana Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Anthora Pomeranian
CH Solcintra2 Audrey Pomeranian
CH Solcintra2 Liz Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Olwen Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Silain Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Victor Scottish Terrier
GCH CH Senkrah Royal Service Standard Poodle
Solcintra2 Alina Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Nera Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Nova Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Pixy Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Ravsi Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Trouble Pomeranian

GCH CH Solcintra2 Oberon Dalmatian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Clary Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Gordon Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Izak Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Keyn Pomeranian
CH Solcintra2 Quin Pomeranian
GCH CH Solcintra2 Saezar Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Batman (K) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Galan Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Gravity Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Hevelin Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Olanek (K) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Sherbert Pomeranian

By Ch Solcintra2 Clary out of Ch Solcintra2 Silain.
(2 days)
Solcintra2 Emrith (Bitch) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Syl Vor (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch Solcintra2 Clary out of Solcintra2 Jilly.
(3 days)
Solcintra2 Rose (K) (Bitch) Pomeranian
New Puppy #3 (k) (Bitch) Pomeranian
By Ch BarStar TooMarvelousForWords out of Ch SOA Diamond.
(4 days)
Solcintra Citrine (Dog) Dalmatian
Solcintra Sapphire (Bitch) Dalmatian
By Solcintra2 Galan out of Ch Solcintra2 Audrey.
(4 days)
Solcintra2 Maeve (k) (Bitch) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Duncan (k?) (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch Solcintra2 Saezar out of Solcintra2 Kenya.
(7 days)
Solcintra2 Chelsa (Bitch) Pomeranian
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pomeranian
By Fox Burrow Lover Boy out of Solcintra2 Jellybean.
(11 days)
New Puppy #4 (k) (Bitch) Pomeranian
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch Solcintra2 Keyn out of Solcintra2 Pixy.
(11 days)
Solcintra2 Shelley (Bitch) Pomeranian
By Ch Solcintra2 Gordon out of Solcintra2 Joleen.
(12 days)
New Puppy #3 (k?) (Bitch) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Dax (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch Tarren Hamlet out of Ch Fog Dogs Puff Banshee.
(13 days)
Solcintra2 Deacort (Dog) Pomeranian
Solcintra2 Mystic (Bitch) Pomeranian

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 99.2 (#3)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/29/2022
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/29/2022
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"GBGV Breed Page - Not Found?"
13 replies | 11/16/2022

Upcomming Litters
Solcintra2 Pixy
Due 11/30/2022 to Solcintra2 Galan