Spot and Smudge

SandS Agatha Rachel (37.7) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Barbara (12.7/46.7) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Calliope (11.4/49.8) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Giselle Cordelia (32.8 Giselle Cordeli) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Harriet Frances (28.4) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Periwinkle (19.2/47) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Rosvita (11.8/52) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Sarah Patricia (32.9) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Valentina Annabel (29.1) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Caroline (42.3) Chow Chow
SandS Felicity (10.5/51.2) Chow Chow
SandS Gertrude (10.7/60.1) Chow Chow
SandS Penelope Anna (38) Chow Chow
SandS Valerie Iris (4.1/40.1) Chow Chow
SandS Victoria Faye (37.2) Chow Chow
SandS Xena Fern (29.9) Chow Chow
SandSkip Dot Schipperke
SandSkip Mae Schipperke

SandS Adam Russell (36.8) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Andrew (45.1) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS George (10.4/45.5) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Gordon Paul (43) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Van Brian (35.4) Chinese Shar-Pei
SandS Victor Isaac (3/38.6) Chow Chow
SandS Zephyr Isaiah (39.5) Chow Chow
SandS Zeus (10.2/42) Chow Chow
SandSkip Hank Schipperke

By SandS George out of SandS Barbara.
(1 days)
SandS Gloria Beatrice (35.5) (Bitch) Chinese Shar-Pei
By SandS Andrew out of SandS Calliope.
(1 days)
SandS Alice Caroline (34.4) (Bitch) Chinese Shar-Pei
By SandSkip Hank out of SandSkip Sue.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (32.1) (Bitch) Schipperke
New Puppy #2 (31.5) (Dog) Schipperke
By SandS Zeus out of SandS Effie.
(3 days)
SandS Zora Ellen (31.4) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By SandS Patricia out of SandS Irene.
(7 days)
SandS Paul Ignatius (42.3) (Dog) Chow Chow
By SandS Patricia out of SandS Felicity.
(7 days)
SandS Peggy Faye (44.1) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By SandS David out of SandS Rosvita.
(8 days)
SandS Dorothy Rainbow (37.5) (Bitch) Chinese Shar-Pei
By SandS Patricia out of SandS Gertrude.
(8 days)
SandS Primrose Giselle (39.5) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By SandS David out of SandS Barbara.
(12 days)
SandS Doris Bella (35) (Bitch) Chinese Shar-Pei

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 20.2 (#713)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 12/26/2019
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed
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Upcomming Litters
SandS Caroline
Due 2/17/2020 to SandS Zeus
SandS Rosvita
Due 2/19/2020 to SandS George
SandS Gertrude
Due 2/19/2020 to SandS Zeus
SandS Felicity
Due 2/21/2020 to SandS Zeus
SandS Periwinkle
Due 2/21/2020 to SandS George
SandS Valerie Iris
Due 2/21/2020 to SandS Zeus