GCH CH Stratego Double Trouble (+Spy Night Lblt) Chihuahua
GCH CH Stratego Perfect Crime (+Safety Mine) Chihuahua
CH Stratego Pulaski (Best Smokejump LblOB) Chihuahua
CH Stratego Migratory Bird (+CashMicro) Shih Tzu
GCH CH Stratego Multiple Aliases (+ 10 Head) Shih Tzu
CH Stratego Sing Together (+Rifle Imelda) Shih Tzu
CH Stratego Subversion (+Microsilver Imelda) Shih Tzu
Stratego Cold November (+June Land LBl) Chihuahua
Stratego Grand Canyon (+Great Vision) Chihuahua
Stratego Mango Tango (+Meltdown Night) Chihuahua
Stratego Delayed Retrieval (+Ancient System) Shih Tzu
Stratego Direct Deposit (Ago Subversion) Shih Tzu
Stratego Rogue Wave (Sniper Change!) Shih Tzu

GCH CH Stratego Biohacking (+Best June Lbl) Chihuahua
CH Stratego Great Unknown (+Micah Smoke) Chihuahua
GCH CH Stratego Security Guard (+MeltJumper) Chihuahua
CH Stratego Ancient Parable (+Red Imelda) Shih Tzu
GCH CH Stratego Cash Money (+Tour Imelda) Shih Tzu
GCH CH Stratego Sniper Rifle (+DynamoPyg) Shih Tzu
Stratego Cold Seas (Cross Cold Lbl) Chihuahua
Stratego Double Time (Rustic Trouble Lbl) Chihuahua
Stratego Herding Cats (Island Seas Lb) Chihuahua
Stratego Ancient Texts (+Rifle Security) Shih Tzu
Stratego Background Check (Go Bird) Shih Tzu
Stratego Cave Diving (+Cash Aliases H10) Shih Tzu
Stratego Sledgehammer (Rifle Dose R) Shih Tzu
Stratego Spay Station (+Cash Clear) Shih Tzu
Stratego Turn Of Phrase (Parable Aliases) Shih Tzu

By Ch Stratego Biohacking out of Stratego Scratch and Sniff.
(3 days)
Stratego Unscripted (Biohacking Sniff) (Bitch) Chihuahua
By Ch Stratego Security Guard out of Stratego Friendly Skies.
(3 days)
Stratego Work In Progress (Guard Skies) (Dog) Chihuahua

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Stratego Meltdown (+Dark Con LBlT) Chihuahua
GCH CH Stratego National Debt (+Dark Con LB) Chihuahua
CH UDStratego Smokejumper (+Dark Night LR) Chihuahua
UDStratego Great Divide (+Forgiven Hen lR) Chihuahua
Stratego Course Change (+CeasefireSubOB) Shih Tzu
General Info
Prestige: 62.8 (#192)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/13/2022
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 7/23/2024
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