Sweet Frog Kennel

In this kennel I am focused on working with the elegant and beautiful English Setter. I work with the irresistibly adorable Brussels Griffon in 2 of my 3 kennels. Huge thanks to Spindrift for giving me a great start in the English Setter breed.
**Owner of: Silver Ring Kennel and Cloud 9 K9s**
*Affiliated with but do not own: Havok Kennel*

CH HAVOK Bavalon (show) Bavalon) Brussels Griffon
CH Sweet Frog Drifter Chick (show) Drifter) English Setter
SiRR Character Flaw (Mini) Brussels Griffon
SiRR Okay For Her (Her) Brussels Griffon
SiRR Xenon Brussels Griffon
SiRR Xera Brussels Griffon
SiRR Yesterdays News (Story) Brussels Griffon
SiRR Yummy Toast (Yam) Brussels Griffon
Sweet Frog From the Venetian ( Orchid) Brussels Griffon
Spindrift Completely Fine (Penny) English Setter
Spindrift Daisy Jones (Daisy) English Setter
Sweet Frog Agatha Christie (show) Aggie) English Setter
Sweet Frog BellaDonna (Bella) English Setter
Sweet Frog Colette (show) Train) English Setter
Sweet Frog Diana Beloved English Setter
Sweet Frog Gift From Drifting (Dottie) English Setter

CH CDXSweet Frog Balsa Tree (Show) (Train) Woody) English Setter
HAVOK BottleTop (show) Topper) Brussels Griffon
SiRR Charisma Brussels Griffon
SiRR Maddening Power (show) Madden) Brussels Griffon
Stephval No Mans Land (Brute) Brussels Griffon
Sweet Frog Eleazar (Show) Brussels Griffon
Sweet Frog Albert Einstein (show) Albert) English Setter
Sweet Frog Bingo (show) Bingo) English Setter
Sweet Frog Colorful Binge English Setter

By Spindrift Foul Breeze out of Sweet Frog Gift From Drifting.
(1 days)
Sweet Frog Golden Hero (sell) (Dog) English Setter
Sweet Frog Goddess Athena (Show) Athena) (Bitch) English Setter
By Ch Spindrift Emperor out of Spindrift Agnes Nutter.
(7 days)
Sweet Frog Spinning My Wheel (show) Stucky) (Bitch) English Setter
By Stephval No Mans Land out of Ch HAVOK Bavalon.
(7 days)
Sweet Frog Greta (show) (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
By Stephval Sinaloa out of Sweet Frog From the Venetian.
(8 days)
Sweet Frog Fantasia (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
Sweet Frog Fundamentals (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
By Ch Melancollies The Mixed Tape out of Spindrift Completely Fine.
(10 days)
Sweet Frog Flaming Lady (Lady) (Bitch) English Setter
Sweet Frog Finessed (Bitch) English Setter
Sweet Frog Fair Maiden (show) Maiden) (Bitch) English Setter

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 56.5 (#208)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/17/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 6/1/2020
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SiRR Okay For Her
Due 6/2/2020 to HAVOK BottleTop
Sweet Frog Agatha Christie
Due 6/2/2020 to Sweet Frog Bingo
CH Sweet Frog Drifter Chick
Due 6/5/2020 to Sweet Frog Balsa Tree
SiRR Xenon
Due 6/5/2020 to Pairadice Touch And Go
SiRR Yesterdays News
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SiRR Yummy Toast
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