Breeding exceptional Cane Corso's & Tibetan Terriers

CH Tanzinite Inside Endeavor (98.25) Tibetan Terrier
Tanzinite Forever More (99.05) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Pushing Daisies (83.90) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Shine Down (99.15) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Something Dark (73.55) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Something Magical (79.00) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Starting Line (99.20) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Clever Endeavour (98.05) Tibetan Terrier
Tanzinite Spellbook (82.55) Tibetan Terrier

Tanzinite Blew Through Zander (99.10) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Dark Underworld (99.20) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Line To Shine (99.25) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Shadow Keeper (99.30) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Start Of Something (99.20) Cane Corso
Tanzinite Looking For Lucky (98.45) Tibetan Terrier
Tanzinite Practical Music (98.45) Tibetan Terrier

By Nachthunde G 17845026 out of Tanzinite Spellbook.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
By Tanzinite Looking For Lucky out of Eyanril Tanzinite Spellbound.
(11 days)
Tanzinite Royal Pursuit (98.20) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch STL Tell The Truth out of Ch Tanzinite Inside Endeavor.
(11 days)
Tanzinite ShouldaWouldaCoulda (98.50) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch Xizang Looking 4 Carlos out of Tanzinite Practical Magic.
(11 days)
Tanzinite Blue Blood Royalty (98.20) (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
By Nachthunde G 17845026 out of Tanzinite Clever Endeavour.
(11 days)
Tanzinite Caught On Gold (87.90 (breeding)) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
Tanzinite One Chance Endeavour (88.00 (breeding)) (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch Kyan Eye For The Gold out of Tanzinite Hocus Pocus.
(11 days)
Tanzinite Queen of the Dark (98.55) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier

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