All my dogs are completely owner handled start to finish and through their specials career.

***I make special strides to help others who do not use handlers with their dogs. I will always sell a couple of dogs to someone who is new but beyond that I only work with those who do not use handlers. Including my stud dogs.

202 Champions Bred
77 Grand Champions Bred
Thank you to all who have finished a dog from me!

Platinum Grand Champions
GCH Taylynn Perfect 10
GCH Taylynn Fantasstic
GCH Taylynn This Means War

Gold Grand Champions
GCH Taylynn Bears Beets BSG UD
GCH Taylynn Beach Boy
GCH Taylynn Freedom Fighters
GCH Taylynn Fancy A$$

I ask that if you buy an unnamed dog from me you credit my kennel somewhere in the name you choose.

If anyone is interested in getting into Pembrokes feel free to contact me and I will coordinate with you to get you what you need to get started! I will personally save dogs from litters for you. If there's something you want just ask and we will work something out! happy :)

My boy and I showing, owner handled always! happy :)

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Prestige: 25.0 (#652)
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Signed Up: 11/27/2018
Account Level: Standard
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