Whiskey Mac

Whiskey Mac is a real kennel. This simulation’s Whiskey Mac is in no way a reflection of the real-life Whiskey Mac.

Breeding Mudis and Pharaoh Hounds

Special thanks to Zoetic for the beautiful banner!

Message me to ask about upcoming litters, dogs you are interested in purchasing, or anything else you can think of. I don’t bite! If I'm not willing to sell a dog/bitch just yet, we can work out a deal for the future, no problem.

Almost all puppies I place up for sale are show-quality. Occasionally, I will place a brood-quality puppy up for sale, or will be selling a breeding-age brood bitch. I rarely sell dogs/bitches that have finished their Ch or GCh.

I do not sell Ch or GCh dogs/bitches to most basic kennels. Same goes for extremely high quality unfinished dogs.

If you purchase a puppy, I ask that you do your best to finish it.

GCH CH Bree What More Could I Lose (95.50 brood) Mudi
GCH CH Nymble Burnt Sienna (95.25 brood) Mudi
CH Whiskey Mac’s Trick or Treat (95.85 // show) Mudi
CH Seafire Sapphire (95.00 brood) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Arsinoe II (95.35 brood) Pharaoh Hound
Whiskey Mac’s Baby Yoda Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Chilled Bones (96.20 // show) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Griffin Flight (95.50 brood) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Last Jedi Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Rey Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Ring of Samara (95.95 // show) Mudi
Pyrocynical Leopard (95.45 brood) Pharaoh Hound

CH Whiskey Mac’s True Blood (95.95 // show) Mudi
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Amenhotep IV (95.70 // show) Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Ra in Duat (95.40 // show) Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Sutekh (95.85 $$) Pharaoh Hound
Whiskey Mac’s Dark Shadows (95.95 // show) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Force Awakens Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Hot Tub Dying (95.95 // show) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Medieval (96.00 // show) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Variety Show (95.95 // show) Mudi
Whiskey Mac’s Sebek-Nehkt (96.00 // show) Pharaoh Hound
Whiskey Mac’s Thampsis (96.00 // show) Pharaoh Hound

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH Europa Little Mermaid Doberman Pinscher
CH Red Rum d*Aramal Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH VB Queen of the Iron Throne Doberman Pinscher
CH VB Starborn 2 Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH Bree Deja Vu Mudi
GCH CH Bree Sienna Mudi
CH Whiskey Mac’s Cerberus Guard Mudi
CH Whiskey Mac’s Medusa Stone Mudi
CH Lady Mary I Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Feast of Ahemait Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Hwt-Ka-Ptah Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Hyksos Resheph Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Nephthys River Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Nile Sobek Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Prey of Bast Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Whiskey Mac’s Reign of Anubis Pharaoh Hound
CH Whiskey Mac’s Son of Sehkmet Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH BarStar Mighty Sequoia Saluki
Picardy Sienna`s Malak Mudi
General Info
Prestige: 78.4 (#92)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/18/2019
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 2/17/2020
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