Whisper Pines

CH Whisper Pine Only a Whisper (98.20) Dachshund
CH Makay The Tide is High Standard Poodle
CH Triomphe Cinnamon Girl Standard Poodle
New Puppy #2 Dachshund
Whisper Pine Closed Memories (98.20) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Lady Centered Dachshund
Whisper Pine Maddy (98.35) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Perfect Moon (98.05) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Straight Flush Dachshund
Whisper Pine Winning Softly (98.10) Dachshund
Indigo Starrs Madelina Rottweiler
ISR Same Old Song And Dance Rottweiler
New Puppy #1 Rottweiler
New Puppy #4 Rottweiler
Triomphe Silver Pines Standard Poodle

CH ISR Runnin Down A Dream (session n show) Rottweiler
New Puppy #5 Dachshund
Whisper Pine Centered Memories (98.15) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Gentle Kiss Dachshund
Whisper Pine Little Memories (98.10) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Poker at Noon (97.95) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Simple Face (98.15) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Sweet Ring (98.15) Dachshund
New Puppy #3 Rottweiler
Whisper Pine Delivery Day Rottweiler
Whisper Pine Mystic Memory Standard Poodle

By Whisper Pine Mystic Memory out of Ch Triomphe Cinnamon Girl.
(0 days)
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Standard Poodle
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Standard Poodle
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Standard Poodle
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Standard Poodle
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Standard Poodle
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Standard Poodle
By Whisper Pine Centered Memories out of Hope`s Midnight Cowgirl.
(9 days)
Whisper Pine Gold Memories (Bitch) Dachshund
By Triomphe Cafe Latte out of Triomphe Un Peu d`Argent.
(9 days)
Green River Cafe Soul (Dog) Standard Poodle
By Ch T. Poker Face out of Ch Whisper Pine Only a Whisper.
(10 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Slightly Pleased (98.20) (Dog) Dachshund

Retirement Couch
CH Sweetbrier Slammer (100.00) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH Amoroso Dias De Feliz Dachshund
CH Amoroso Lady Isadora Dachshund
GCH CH Amoroso Peace and Quiet Dachshund
CH Amoroso Picnic In The Park Dachshund
CH Amoroso Prospero Año Dachshund
CH Amoroso Rockstar Dachshund
GCH CH Amoroso Stuck In A Rut Dachshund
CH Amoroson A Moment In Time Dachshund
GCH CH DnP Breathless Dachshund
CH Skyhaven Move On Dachshund
CH Skyhaven All About That Gait Dachshund
CH Skyhaven Cause For Applause Dachshund
GCH CH Skyhaven Going Big Time Dachshund
CH Skyhaven High Top Dachshund
GCH CH Skyhaven Moving On Up Dachshund
CH Skyhaven Road to Nowhere Dachshund
CH Whisper Pine Star Hawk (97.90) Dachshund
CH Triomphe Forbidden Whisper Standard Poodle
CH Whisper Pine Glory Standard Poodle
CH Whisper Pine Mountain Breeze Standard Poodle
CH Whisper Pine Reason to Whisper Standard Poodle
CH Whisper Pine Shine Cotton Standard Poodle
GCH CH UDWingate William @ Newwave (100.0) Standard Poodle
Whisper Pine Apple Memories (98.10) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Center Ring (98.00) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Come Softly (98.05) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Dream Moment (97.70) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Max Security Dachshund
Whisper Pine Million Apples (98.0) Dachshund
Whisper Pine Sweet Applesauce Dachshund
ISR Escape at Sunrise Rottweiler
ISR Gate Of Destiny Rottweiler
ISR Out Of The Gate Rottweiler
ISR Stand And Deliver Rottweiler
Whisper Pine Mahogany Sunset Rottweiler
Whisper Pine Marshmellow Standard Poodle
Windgate Red Red Wine (100.00) Standard Poodle
General Info
Prestige: 58.3 (#192)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 3/20/2014
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/24/2020
Community Rank: 411th
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