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Here at WishMaker I'm striving to breed the very best dogs. I want to add new blood to the Sammy gene pool. This is why I decided to start my own unique line of Sammies.

WishMaker Agnes Martin (95) Samoyed
WishMaker Aloe Vera (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Anardana (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Annatto (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Kala Jeera (94) Samoyed
CDWishMaker Lemon verbena (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Maple Sugar (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Mary Cassatt (95) Samoyed
WishMaker Paprika (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Ruth Sobotka (95) Samoyed
WishMaker Vanessa Bell (95) Samoyed

CH WishMaker Moonlight Adventurer Samoyed
WishMaker Andy Warhol (95) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Fennel (94) Samoyed
WishMaker Monet (95) Samoyed
WishMaker Moonlight Ruler Samoyed
WishMaker Moonlight Sea Samoyed

By WishMaker John Tyler out of WishMaker Nigella.
(12 days)
WishMaker Cats Claw (94) (Bitch) Samoyed

Retirement Couch
GCH CH WishMaker Desert Moonlight Samoyed
CH WishMaker Moonlight and Beyond Samoyed
GCH CH WishMaker Moonlight Oath Samoyed
CH WishMaker Moonlight Prisms Samoyed
GCH CH WishMaker Moonlight Spark Samoyed
GCH CH WishMaker Oath of Moonlight Samoyed
GCH CH WishMaker Prisms in the Desert Samoyed
CH WishMaker PrismsInTheMoonlight Samoyed
CH WishMaker Royal Light Samoyed
CH WishMaker Rules The Moonlight Samoyed
UDWishMaker 222 (86) Samoyed
UDWishMaker 333 (86) Samoyed
UDWishMaker 555 (86) Samoyed
UDWishMaker AA (87) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Celtic Moon (88) Samoyed
UDWishMaker ChinaRose (88) Samoyed
UDWishMaker GG (87) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Jezebel (90) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Liberator (91) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Only Time (88) Samoyed
UDWishMaker River (88) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Scott Hamilton (89) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Skymaster (91) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Thirty Three (92) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Thirty Two (92) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Yuzuru Hanyu (89) Samoyed
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