CH SEF Flicker Australian Shepherd
CH Woxie Back to Red (BREED) Australian Shepherd
CH Woxie Pace Yourself (BREED) Australian Shepherd
CH Woxie Red Champagne Delite (BREED) Australian Shepherd
CH Woxie Solid Black Gold (BREED) Australian Shepherd
CH Woxie Smokey Waters Czarina Borzoi
CH BRKs War OfThe Roses (99.40) Collie
CH Woxie Magic Zone Collie
CH Woxie Playin With a Rockett (99.10) Collie
CH CafeLatte Cherry Pie Standard Poodle
CH Woxie Get to the Point Standard Poodle
BRKs Just Another Sequel (BREED) Collie
Woxie BlacknWhite EveninDress (98.95) Collie
Woxie Let Her Eat Cake Collie
Woxie Spanish Clouds Collie
Woxie Step to the Clouds Collie
Woxie Steps to the Cloud Collie
Woxie Steps to the Clouds (98.80) Collie
Woxie White 5638 (98.90) Collie
Woxie Blueberry Sundae Standard Poodle
Woxie Strawberry Sundae Standard Poodle

CH Woxie Double Hond Style Collie
CH Woxie Popular Electric (99.20) Collie
CH Woxie Rocket War Collie
GCH CH SFFC Double Black Pembroke Welsh Corgi
CH CafeLatte Dark Devil (Devil) Standard Poodle
GCH CH Implicite Brownie Sundae Standard Poodle
GCH CH Triomphe Bete Noir Standard Poodle
CH Woxie Braver Than Belief Standard Poodle
CH Woxie Red Sundae (BIS) Standard Poodle
Woxie White Tuxedo Collie
Woxie Blue Ray English Setter
Woxie Almost A Spider (97.95) Irish Red and White Setter

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH BlaznHot Back To Black Australian Shepherd
CH CoralBlitz One Two Three (Four) Australian Shepherd
CH Slipp`s Tiran O`Lagalos (Move ) Australian Shepherd
CH BarStar All Night Long (*****) Gordon Setter
Woxie Cloud in the Sky (BREED) Collie
Woxie White Cloud Zone Collie
CliffSide Next Girl Shetland Sheepdog
General Info
Prestige: 30.1 (#419)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/12/2021
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 12/13/2021
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