Congratulations to:

Our Best In Show Tibetan Terriers
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Time (BISx4)

and her son
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Dread
(BISx29, total dogs beaten 22,756)
Died at 495 days on 1/10/11 - RIP

and his son
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Crime (BISx3)

and Dread's granddaughter
Ch. Xizang Unknown World (BISx2/SBISx2)
who was also the winner of the first Dog of the Month competition and won her second Best in Show
at the age of 116 days. She retired having beaten 11,237 dogs.

Congratulations to our Tibetan Terriers
Ch. Aldeberan Who's Your Daddy
Ch. Xizang Moment of Truth
Ch. Xizang Living Daylights
Ch. Xizang Polygraph
Ch. Xizang Sad But True
Ch. Xizang Who's Your Baby
Ch. Xizang Pretty Hot
Ch. Xizang Jaded Mandolin
Ch. Xizang Tibetan Snow
Ch. Xizang Gone Like Buddha
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Time (BIS)
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Dread (BISS/BIS)
Ch. Xizang Going for Luck - BRONZE SIRE
Ch. Xizang Run With Fire
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Match
Ch. Xizang Once On Fire
Ch. Xizang Unknown Luck
Ch. Xizang Unknown World
Ch. Xizang Running Bear
Ch. Xizang Firebreak
Ch. Xizang Slow Burn
Ch. Xizang Running Shoes
Ch. Xizang Hot Pink
Ch. Xizang Dream Big
Ch. Xizang Dancing in Dreams
Ch. Xizang Dream On
Ch. Xizang Perfect Dance
Ch. Xizang Dreams in Color
Ch. Xizang Here for the Beer
Ch. Xizang Rubber Soul
Ch. Xizang Black and Whitewash
Ch. Xizang Bank on It
Ch. Xizang Soul Sister

GCH CH Madigan`s At Last (100 **) Afghan Hound
CH Sabueso By The Numbers (99.80 wh s-h) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Nana`s 4 Across (BISS x 1 WC 2nd in s) Newfoundland
GCH CH Nana`s Crossword Puzzle Newfoundland
GCH CH Xizang City Lights (ENTERED) Tibetan Terrier
Madigan`s Hillary (-temp 100) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #1 (-99.80) Ibizan Hound
Zazzle 18706159 Ibizan Hound
Nana`s Seven Down Newfoundland
Xizang Hot to Trot (condition) Tibetan Terrier
Xizang Tip Top (-99.40) Tibetan Terrier
Xizang Tri Tip (99.25) Tibetan Terrier

CH Madigan`s I Found My Thrill Afghan Hound
CH Muffins Joe Cocker (*) American Cocker Spaniel
GCH CH Sabueso Razzle Dazzle Ibizan Hound
CH Nana`s Running In My Sleep (ENTERED) Newfoundland
GCH CH Xizang Foghorn Leghorn (NO SHOWS) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Xizang Neon Cowboy (ENTERED) Tibetan Terrier
Madigan`s Blue Magoo Afghan Hound
Madigan`s BluStar (-100) Afghan Hound
Sabueso Cervantes (-99.70 rd s-h) Ibizan Hound
Sabueso Prickly Pear (99.80 wh w-h) Ibizan Hound
Sabueso Salvador Dali (99.85) Ibizan Hound
Nana`s Run the Puzzle Newfoundland
Sir Arthur Ezekiel Samoyed
Simba Nonhlanhla South African Boerboel
New Puppy #4 (-99.50) Tibetan Terrier

By Madigan`s BluStar out of Madigan`s Hillary.
(7 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Afghan Hound

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Madigan`s 3264 Afghan Hound
CH Madigan`s Half Past Time (-tnb) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Nana`s About Time! (BISS x 1 BIS x 3) Newfoundland
GCH CH Xizang As Good As Stars (99.30 * BIS x 1) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Xizang Lucretia McEvil (BIS x 1) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Xizang Surreptitious (BRONZE * BISS x2) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Xizang Zeta Reticuli (98.40 BISS x1 BIS x2) Tibetan Terrier
General Info
Prestige: 75.5 (#124)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 3/31/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 30th

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