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Bryerwood Kennel

Don't offer on dogs that aren't up for sale - I won't accept the offer and it's poor gaming etiquette.

Studs and Sales

Studs will be available for $100 - $250, depending on achievements.

Most puppies will be sold with no approval to both basics and premium accounts, but please don't repeatedly message me about reserving a puppy. I'm only interested in selling what I've put up for sale.

CH Bryers Breaking And Entering (7th) German Shepherd Dog
GCH CH Bryers Different Sides of Me German Shepherd Dog
CH Bryers Other Side Of The Coin (8th) German Shepherd Dog
Bryers Pumpkin Spice Latte (30th) Belgian Tervuren
Bryers Mindless Gossip (Enter) German Shepherd Dog
Bryers Vineyard Adventures (Enter ) German Shepherd Dog

CH Bryers Read You Like A Book (30th) Belgian Tervuren
GCH CH Bryers Light In The Dark (30th) German Shepherd Dog
GCH CH Bryers Live In Edmonton (30th) German Shepherd Dog
Intrinsic Ben Lomond (30th) Belgian Tervuren
Intrinsic Dragon O The Night (30th) Belgian Tervuren
Intrinsic Salinas (30th) Belgian Tervuren
Bryers Deck of Cards (Enter) German Shepherd Dog
Bryers Do It For The Fame (3rd) German Shepherd Dog
Bryers Power On Display (7th) German Shepherd Dog

By Ch Bryers Next Contestant out of Ch Bryers Storm In A Teacup.
(6 days)
Bryers Springtime Storms (Dog) German Shepherd Dog
Bryers Tempestuous Tryst (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog
By Ch BTB Little Dark Age out of Ch Intrinsic Pumpkin Flavor.
(6 days)
Bryers Etched In Stone (Dog) Belgian Tervuren
By Ch SPkennel Frozen Oasis out of Ch Bryers Secret Tryst.
(6 days)
Bryers Across Wild Tundras (Dog) Belgian Tervuren
By Ch Bryers Read You Like A Book out of Ch Intrinsic Throwin Coins.
(6 days)
Bryers Ink On The Page (Bitch) Belgian Tervuren
By Ch Intrinsic St. Elmos Fire out of Ch BTB If I Lead.
(11 days)
Bryers Wild Oceans (Bitch) Belgian Tervuren
Bryers Fire On The Horizon (Dog) Belgian Tervuren

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 89.3 (#60)
Location: United Kingdom
Signed Up: 3/24/2008
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 5/31/2023
Community Rank: 61st

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