Welcome to one of the spinoffs of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a third kennel to handle additional breeds. Currently helping to bring Schipperkes back from source.

CH BSG Breakthrough Lace (#) Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Breakthrough Warrior (#!) Schipperke
CH BSG Colonial Chocolates (57.15ss20/cho) Schipperke
CH BSG Colossal Colony (#) Schipperke
CH BSG Creamy Warrior Schipperke
CH BSG Flaxen Lace (#) Schipperke
CH BSG Fluffy Dreams (52.3ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Head For Breakthrough (53.7ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Jacked Warrior (51.45ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Lacy Warrior (53.7ss20crm) Schipperke
CH BSG Legendary Warrior (50.85ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Toasted Ire (57.35ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Triple Chocolate Schipperke
CH BSG Umber Bliss (44.05ss16.7) Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Wild Warrior (crm#) Schipperke
BSG Regal Praise (#) Australian Terrier
BSG Regal Trap (81.15ss20sc) Australian Terrier
BSG Stony Sands (78.25ss20) Australian Terrier
BSG Better Breakthrough (50.15ss19.1) Schipperke
BSG Breaking Wild (56.2ss19.9) Schipperke
BSG Chocolate Chips (44.55ss20) Schipperke
BSG Fluffy Cocoa Puffs (47.8ss18.3) Schipperke
BSG Gimme An Illusion (57.7ss20) Schipperke
BSG Gimme Some Lace (51.2ss18.1) Schipperke
BSG Playful Dreams (43.4ss20) Schipperke
BSG Toasted Latte (59.3ss17.4) Schipperke

CH BSG Breakthrough Legend (62ss16crm) Schipperke
CH BSG Flaxen Breakthrough (54.85ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Karmic Breakthrough (54.05ss20) Schipperke
BSG Regal Stone (80.3ss17.5) Australian Terrier
BSG Better Mixed (51ss20cho) Schipperke
BSG Colossal Daydreams (52.6ss20) Schipperke
BSG Gimme A Warrior (55.85ss17) Schipperke
BSG Umber Blackjack Schipperke
BSG Vexed Shadows (52.65ss20) Schipperke

By Ch Steinhaus Blue @ ShelB2 out of BSG Regal Praise.
(5 days)
BSG Darlin Praise (89.2ss20/sc) (Bitch) Australian Terrier
BSG House Full Of Praise (89.05ss20) (Dog) Australian Terrier
By Ch BSG Regal Red Sands out of BSG Sonoran Rose.
(5 days)
BSG Rosy Sands (77.5ss16.9) (Bitch) Australian Terrier
By Ch BSG Breakthrough Chocolate out of Ch BSG Colossal Colony.
(6 days)
BSG Chocolate Colony (45.75ss17.3) (Dog) Schipperke
By BSG Better Daydreams out of Ch BSG Wild Chocolate.
(6 days)
BSG Wild Daydreams (58.95ss18.6) (Bitch) Schipperke
By Ch BSG Wild Ire out of Ch BSG Flaxen Lace.
(7 days)
BSG Wild Flax (56.75ss18.2) (Bitch) Schipperke
By Ch PixelPups Coffee Break out of Ch BSG Creamy Warrior.
(11 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Schipperke
BSG Creamy Coffee (58ss20) (Dog) Schipperke
BSG Breaking Warrior (52.3ss17.3) (Bitch) Schipperke
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Schipperke
By BSG Umber Blackjack out of Ch BSG Blissfully Wild.
(11 days)
BSG Wild Umber (43.75ss20) (Bitch) Schipperke
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Schipperke

Retirement Couch
GCH CH BSG Breakthrough Ire Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Dreamy Cream Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Flaxen Jack Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Ivory Blackjack Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Legendary Illusion Schipperke
CH BSG Mixed Chocolate Watchman Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Shadowy Watchman Schipperke
General Info
Prestige: 94.8 (#26)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 2/23/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 12/6/2022

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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH BSG Wild Warrior
Due 12/10/2022 to BSG Karmic Breakthrough
CH BSG Creamy Warrior
Due 12/11/2022 to PixelPups Light In Shadow
CH BSG Triple Chocolate
Due 12/11/2022 to PixelPups Gimme A Break