Welcome to one of the spinoffs of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a third kennel to handle additional breeds. Currently helping to bring Schipperkes back from source.

CH BSG Chocolate Sleuth (86.3ss17.1/spread) Schipperke
CH BSG Frosty Destroyer (H!!!) Schipperke
CH BSG Frosty Life (Hd!!!/crm) Schipperke
CH BSG Frosty Sunshine (78.1ss19.4/Hd4) Schipperke
CH BSG Heavy Key (84.65ss20/spread) Schipperke
CH BSG Hidden Fox (Fq!/choc/#) Schipperke
CH BSG Recurring Peace (76.6ss16.7) Schipperke
CH BSG Satiny Linen (87.85ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Slowly Hidden (82.5ss16.6/spread) Schipperke
CH BSG Spinning Peacetime (H!!!) Schipperke
BSG Along Came Walnuts (76.6ss17.4/Hq5) Schipperke
BSG Ashy Embers (75.5ss17.3/Hd!/crm) Schipperke
BSG Dancing Embers (74.3ss16/Hdline) Schipperke
BSG Highland Paws (81.2ss20) Schipperke
BSG Legendary Ash (Hdline) Schipperke
BSG Overlapping Peace (81.55ss16.6/spread) Schipperke
BSG Overlapping Times (80.3ss19.6/spread) Schipperke
BSG Peaceable Life (73.55ss18.2/Hd!x2) Schipperke
BSG Peaceful Provider (82.8ss20/abs) Schipperke
BSG Peaceful Waves (79.15ss20/Hdline) Schipperke
BSG Spinning Illusion (76.4ss20/Hline) Schipperke
BSG Timing Waves (83.25ss17.7/crch/Hdl) Schipperke
BSG Wave Of Time (75.8ss20) Schipperke

CH BSG Freezing Walnuts Schipperke
CH BSG Frozen Paws (88.5ss19.8) Schipperke
CH BSG Hidden Walnut (88.35ss17/Hqline) Schipperke
CH BSG Peacetime Embers (H!!!) Schipperke
CH BSG Spinning Walnuts (79.3ss20) Schipperke
CH BSG Walnut Embers (79.9ss20/Hd!) Schipperke
BSG Destroyed Embers (75.3ss17.9/Hd7) Schipperke
BSG Foxy Paws (87.45ss17.1) Schipperke
BSG Frosty Lace (80.3ss20) Schipperke
BSG Illusion Of Singing (77.3ss19.2) Schipperke
BSG Plenteous Peacetime (73.45ss15.6/Hd!!!) Schipperke
BSG Shiny Illusion (75.6ss20) Schipperke

By Ch BSG Frosty Peacetime out of Ch BSG Frosty Life.
(3 days)
BSG Emerging Frost (74.9ss17/HdlnX2/crm) (Bitch) Schipperke
BSG Peaceful Life (76.4ss20/HlnX2) (Dog) Schipperke
By KLK Chocolate Thunder out of Ch BSG Foxy Walnut.
(7 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Schipperke
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Schipperke
BSG Chocolate Walnuts (88.7ss20) (Dog) Schipperke
BSG Foxy Thunder (88.8ss20) (Bitch) Schipperke
By Ch BSG Fiery Coals out of BSG Time For Life.
(12 days)
BSG Fiery Times (76.4ss20/Hd7) (Bitch) Schipperke
By Ch BSG Frosty Peacetime out of BSG Time For Embers.
(13 days)
BSG Cold Peacetime (74.65ss20/Hd4) (Bitch) Schipperke

Retirement Couch
GCH CH BSG Breakthrough Legend Schipperke
CH BSG Breakthrough Pixels Schipperke
CH BSG Frosted Moon Schipperke
GCH CH BSG Frosted Wheels Schipperke
CH BSG Frosty Peacetime Schipperke
CH BSG Hidden Key Schipperke
CH BSG Key Moon Schipperke
CH BSG Snappy Timing Schipperke
CH BSG Spinning Time Schipperke
CH BSG Wheeling Through Time Schipperke
General Info
Prestige: 92.1 (#34)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 2/23/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 5/20/2024

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Upcomming Litters
CH BSG Frosty Destroyer
Due 5/25/2024 to BSG Peacetime Embers
CH BSG Hidden Fox
Due 5/25/2024 to BSG Freezing Walnuts
BSG Legendary Ash
Due 5/25/2024 to BSG Freezing Walnuts