Welcome to one of the spinoffs of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a fifth kennel to handle additional breeds. Currently helping to bring Appenzeller Sennenhunds back from source.

CH BSG Color Me Green Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Crucial Past Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Crucial Promise Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Crucial Titian (90.3ss20) Finnish Spitz
GCH CH BSG Crucial Valley Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Expressive Promise (96.05ss20) Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Loving Past (67.95ss18.8) Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Past Secret Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Red Expression (96ss20) Finnish Spitz
BSG Desert Sands (43.5ss16.7) Australian Terrier
BSG Golden Church (47.15ss18.1) Australian Terrier
BSG Gray Leaves (51.85ss16.5) Australian Terrier
BSG Sandy Dust Storm (45ss17.6) Australian Terrier
BSG Sandy Leprechaun Australian Terrier
BSG Cloudy Imperative Finnish Spitz
BSG Golden Friend (90.55ss20) Finnish Spitz
BSG Magical Expression Finnish Spitz
BSG Rich Commotion (41.2ss19.8) Finnish Spitz
BSG Slow Feelings (45.65ss20) Finnish Spitz
BSG Celebrate Harmony (97.75ss20) Italian Greyhound
BSG Musical Magpie (96.65ss17.6) Italian Greyhound
BSG Shining Harmony (97.9ss20) Italian Greyhound
BSG Italian Ice (5.3ss10.5) Spinone Italiano

GCH CH BSG Promising Expression Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Titian Valley (92.3ss20) Finnish Spitz
BSG Cloudy Magic (42.45ss19.9) Finnish Spitz
BSG Feeling Golden Finnish Spitz
BSG Mischievous Past (52.7ss20) Finnish Spitz
BSG Promising Past (88.7ss17.7) Finnish Spitz
BSG Secret Love (63.95ss16.9) Finnish Spitz
BSG Mister Shindig (96.3ss16.6) Italian Greyhound
BSG Dreamy Duke (100ss20) Standard Poodle
BSG Happy Rain (100ss20) Standard Poodle
BSG New Dreams (100ss20) Standard Poodle
BSG Sparkling Dreams (99.3ss18.6) Standard Poodle

By Ch BSG Secret Song out of Ch BSG Crucial Valley.
(0 days)
BSG Secret Valley (75.25ss20) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Magic Of Gold out of Ch BSG Secret Manna.
(0 days)
BSG Secret Gold (64.55ss20) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
BSG Magic Manna (62.5ss16.6) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Hidden Past out of BSG Cloudy Mint.
(2 days)
BSG Hidden Mint (41.05ss17.6) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Slow Deliciousness out of Ch BSG Past Secret.
(7 days)
BSG Slowing Past (55.25ss17.2) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
BSG Delicious Secret (62.7ss18.8) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By BSG Golden Expression out of Ch BSG Hidden Uproar.
(7 days)
BSG Expressive Uproar (43.15ss18.1) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By Ch Nachthunde Basil out of Ch BSG Magical Night.
(7 days)
BSG Magical Volcano (98.4ss20) (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
BSG Nightshade Plants (98.35ss20) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
BSG Crop Circles (98.35ss20) (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
BSG Magical Life (98.5ss20) (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch BSG Slow Deliciousness out of Ch BSG Crucial Past.
(9 days)
BSG Crucial Deliciousness (64.1ss20) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
BSG Slow Past (69.55ss20) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Slow Deliciousness out of BSG Double Secret.
(9 days)
BSG Doubly Slow (50.50ss16.7) (Dog) Finnish Spitz

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 94.4 (#29)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 10/30/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 9/25/2021

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CH BSG Crucial Promise
Due 9/27/2021 to BSG Promising Expression
BSG Cloudy Imperative
Due 9/28/2021 to BSG Hidden Exercise
CH BSG Color Me Green
Due 9/29/2021 to BSG Secret Song
BSG Magical Expression
Due 9/29/2021 to BSG Feeling Golden
BSG Sandy Leprechaun
Due 9/30/2021 to BSG Mixed Fire
BSG Italian Ice
Due 9/30/2021 to Antoc Mr Lonely