Welcome to the BSG kennel, home of top champion bulldogs since 2003!

I am currently in the process of embarking on the home-bred champ in every breed quest between my family accounts. If I buy a bitch from you, I try to finish her as a 'thank you' for letting me in the breed.

CH BSG Famous Shot Bulldog
CH BSG Wonderful Fame (abFt/HHN) Bulldog
BSG Best Valley (93.7ss18.2/Ft8) Bulldog
BSG Great Celebration (G!) Bulldog
BSG Hillside Shot (ab3/HFq!NC) Bulldog
BSG On Time Winds (ab4/T7) Bulldog
BSG Perfected Home (Hq!!!) Bulldog
BSG Punctual Winds Bulldog
BSG Revival Date (ab3/T6) Bulldog
BSG Rotating Ruler (abFt/Hq6) Bulldog
BSG Ruling Valley (abFt/C6Hqline) Bulldog
BSG Sunny Home (94.85ss20/HHN/spread) Bulldog
BSG Ultimate Sunshine (abFt/HFHNCS) Bulldog
BSG Ultimate Wondering (abFt/Fq5) Bulldog

CH BSG Best Fame (abFt/HdFq4N*) Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Best Wonderment (94.45ss19.6/Ft) Bulldog
CH BSG Revived Forge (abFt/H7C5) Bulldog
CH BSG Starting Fame (Hd!) Bulldog
BSG Before Ruling (ab2/Fq5Hq6) Bulldog
BSG Buffeted Hillside (93.3ss19.4/C6) Bulldog
BSG Celebratory Man (abFt/HHN) Bulldog
BSG Chunky Hit (93.85ss20/Fq!) Bulldog
BSG Extreme Dreamer (ab4/N!!!) Bulldog
BSG Firing Shots (93.35ss18.3/Ftlines/) Bulldog
BSG Opinionated Todd (amb/N!!!) Bulldog
BSG Pointed Foresight (abFt/HFGNC) Bulldog
BSG Revived Happiness (ab2/T7) Bulldog
BSG Revived Opinions (ab2/T!) Bulldog
BSG Sorrowful Wonder (ab4/G!!) Bulldog
BSG Spreading Home (abFt/Hq!) Bulldog
BSG Spreading Shots (95ss20/#) Bulldog
BSG Spreading Wonderment (93.8ss18.9/Ft7) Bulldog
BSG Ultimate Ruler (abFq/Hq!!) Bulldog
BSG Wonderful Foresight (abFt/Fq6) Bulldog
KBKs Adored Grump (ab3/Hd!) Bulldog

By Ch BSG Ultimately Happy out of BSG Windy Coat.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Bulldog
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Happy Coat (ab2/C6) (Dog) Bulldog
By KBKs Nigel out of BSG Ultimately Home.
(1 days)
BSG Black Home (ab2/Hd!GNC) (Bitch) Bulldog
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Ultimately Unbeaten (ab2/HdGNCS) (Dog) Bulldog
By KBKs Nigel out of BSG Great Celebration.
(3 days)
BSG Black Celebration (ab5/HdG3N) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Unbeaten Greatness (ab3/HdGNC) (Dog) Bulldog
By BSG Cautious Start out of BSG Cautious Dreams.
(3 days)
BSG Exponentially Cautious (92.55ss20/N!!!) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Start Dreaming (ab6/N!!!) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Preceding Celebration out of Ch BSG Ultimate Buffeting.
(8 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Topline Celebration (abFt) (Bitch) Bulldog
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Preceding Celebration out of Ch BSG Wonderful Home.
(9 days)
BSG Corner Celebration (abFt/Hd7N7) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Preceding Wonder (94.75ss20/HHGN) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Preceding Home (abFt/Hq!) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG On Time Date out of Ch BSG Happy Start.
(10 days)
BSG Happy Date (ab3/T!!) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Starting On Time (ab3/Hd7T5) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Preceding Celebration out of Ch BSG Home Celebration.
(10 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Bulldog
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Preceding Home Life (abFt/Hq!) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Top Row Celebration (95.05ss19.8) (Bitch) Bulldog

Retirement Couch
GCH CH BSG Best Celebration Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Best Shot Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Best Wonder Bulldog
CH BSG Courageous Shot Bulldog
CH BSG Extremely Cautious Bulldog
GCH CH BSG My Own Coat Bulldog
CH BSG Preceding Celebration Bulldog
CH BSG Revival Winds Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Spread The Courage Bulldog
CH BSG Spread The Wonder Bulldog
CH BSG Spreading Revival Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Spreading Winds Bulldog
CH BSG Starting Happily Bulldog
CH BSG Starting Revival Bulldog
CH BSG Starting Shot Bulldog
CH BSG Ultimately Happy Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Wonderful Home Bulldog
BSG Cautious Dreams Bulldog
General Info
Prestige: 96.0 (#14)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 9/16/2003
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 5/22/2024
Community Rank: 363rd

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CH BSG Famous Shot
Due 5/25/2024 to BSG Starting Fame
BSG Punctual Winds
Due 5/27/2024 to BSG On Time Date
BSG Perfected Home
Due 5/27/2024 to BSG Revived Forge