Welcome to the BSG kennel, home of top champion bulldogs!

Guidelines for buying puppies/dogs:
* I do not have a problem selling to Basic players, however, if I have multiple offers on the same dog, I will place it where I think it will best be shown.

CH BSG Galactic Azure (AMB hcsgn) Bulldog
CH BSG Galactic Cadet (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
CH BSG Galactic Heart Bulldog
CH BSG Galactic Illumination Bulldog
BSG Attended Shuttle (AMB hfcsN) Bulldog
BSG Christmas Hope (AMB hcsn) Bulldog
BSG Extra Romance (AMB hstgn) Bulldog
BSG Galactic Hearts (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Galactic Memory (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Galaxy Blue (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Memorialized Commander (AMB hstgn) Bulldog
BSG Nimble Heart (AMB hcsgn) Bulldog
BSG Powerful Redhead (ABhn) Bulldog
BSG Space Memorial (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Star Redhead (ABhn) Bulldog
BSG Wonderful Memorial (AMB hstgn) Bulldog

CH BSG Courageous Commander (AMB htGN) Bulldog
GCH CH CDXBSG Galactic Commander Bulldog
GCH CH CDBSG Illuminated Dance Bulldog
CH BSG Illuminated Galaxy (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
CH BSG Illuminated Space (AMB hcsgn) Bulldog
CH BSG Romantic Jack Bulldog
BSG Attended Shutttle (AB hN) Bulldog
BSG Christmas Commander (AMB hstgn) Bulldog
BSG Commanding Galaxies (AMB hshgn) Bulldog
BSG Effervescent Power (ABhn) Bulldog
BSG Final Wonder (AMB hstn) Bulldog
BSG Galactic Romancer (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Illuminated Memorial (AMB hcgn) Bulldog
BSG Influential Power (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Meaningful Galaxy (AMB hcsn) Bulldog
BSG Momentous Cadet (AMB hsgn) Bulldog
BSG Planetary Memories (AMB hstgn) Bulldog
BSG Powerfully Nimble (AMB hcsn) Bulldog
BSG Space Commander (AMB hstn) Bulldog

By Ch BSG Illuminated Dance out of Ch BSG Safe Shuttle.
(1 days)
BSG Safe Dancer (AB hsn) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Dancing Shuttle (AB hn) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Galactic Commander out of Ch BSG Romantic Dancer.
(2 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Space Romance (AMB htgn) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Illuminated Redhead out of Ch BSG Shuttle Flight.
(7 days)
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Redheaded Flight Leader (AB hn) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Illuminated Shuttle (AB hN) (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Illuminated Dance out of Ch BSG Galactic Illumination.
(8 days)
BSG Blue Illumination (AMB hcstn) (Dog) Bulldog
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Space Dancer (AMB hsgn) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Galactic Commander out of Ch BSG Power Jack.
(9 days)
BSG Power Commander (AMB hstgn) (Bitch) Bulldog
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Illuminated Dance out of Ch BSG Final Galaxy.
(9 days)
BSG Illuminated Galaxies (AMB hgn) (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Star Charm out of Ch BSG Final Power.
(10 days)
BSG Final Charm (AB hN!!!) (Bitch) Bulldog
By BSG Charming Star Pilot out of Ch BSG Effervescent Memories.
(10 days)
BSG Bubbly Star Pilot (AB hN!!!) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Bubbly Memories (AB hN!!!) (Bitch) Bulldog

Retirement Couch
CH BSG Momentous Memorial Bulldog
CH BSG Momentous Romance Bulldog
General Info
Prestige: 97.9 (#7)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 9/16/2003
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 4/14/2021
Community Rank: 363rd

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Upcomming Litters
CH BSG Galactic Heart
Due 4/15/2021 to BSG Nimble Illumination
CH BSG Galactic Illumination
Due 4/18/2021 to BSG Romantic Jack