Welcome to the BSG kennel, home of top champion bulldogs since 2003!

I am currently in the process of embarking on the home-bred champ in every breed quest between my family accounts. If I buy a bitch from you, I try to finish her as a 'thank you' for letting me in the breed.

CH BSG Deep Colored Dreamcoat (C!fg) Bulldog
CH BSG Deeply Tempting (ab3/G!!) Bulldog
CH BSG Ideal Summons Bulldog
CH BSG Middling Perception (spread) Bulldog
CH BSG Romantic Coat (ab4/Cn) Bulldog
CH BSG Sparkling Celebration (ab3/T!) Bulldog
GCH CH BSG Tempting Start (spread) Bulldog
BSG Before Temptation (ab2/Fc) Bulldog
BSG Cautious Perspective (HN!!!) Bulldog
BSG Compassionate Perception (ab3/T) Bulldog
BSG Compassionate Views (ab3/HTN~) Bulldog
BSG Deep Start (ab2/fc) Bulldog
BSG Exponential Flexing (ab3) Bulldog
BSG Flexing Lady (ab3/HTGN) Bulldog
BSG Gated Arch (G!) Bulldog
BSG Generally Effervescent (abh/T) Bulldog
BSG Generally Happy (ab3/fcTN) Bulldog
BSG Mighty Dreamy (N) Bulldog
BSG More Romantic (ab2/fc) Bulldog
BSG One More Opinion (ab2/h) Bulldog
BSG Tempting Colors (ab3/c) Bulldog
BSG Tempting Foreknowledge (ab2/Fc) Bulldog

CH BSG Adaptable Framework (ab3/HSTN) Bulldog
GCH CH CDBSG One More To Start (spread) Bulldog
GCH CH CDBSG Ultimate Temptation (abf!) Bulldog
BSG Adaptable Dreamcoat (ab3/C) Bulldog
BSG Exponential Walking (ab4/G!!) Bulldog
BSG Filling Boy (ab2/fcg) Bulldog
BSG Flexible Temperament (ab4/T!) Bulldog
BSG Generally Gregarious (ab3/T!) Bulldog
BSG Probing Perspective (C) Bulldog
BSG Romantic Walk (abf) Bulldog
BSG Single Perception (abf/#) Bulldog
BSG Tempting Viewpoint (ab2/fc#) Bulldog
BSG Ultimate Perspective (ab3/fg~) Bulldog

By Ch BSG Ultimate Temptation out of Ch BSG Romantic Gate.
(1 days)
BSG Romantic Temptation (ab2/fhG!) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Ultimate Gate (ab2/fhG) (Bitch) Bulldog
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Bulldog
By BSG Safe Fawn out of BSG Cautious Perspective.
(4 days)
BSG Cautiously Safe (N!!!) (Dog) Bulldog
By BSG Safe Fawn out of BSG Mighty Dreamy.
(4 days)
BSG Mighty Safe (ab4/N) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Safe Dream (ab5/N) (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Hot Start out of Ch BSG Deep Colored Dreamcoat.
(5 days)
BSG Starting Deep (ab3/Cline) (Dog) Bulldog
By BSG Probing Perspective out of Ch BSG Probing Viewpoint.
(5 days)
BSG Forged Probe (ab2/F) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Pointed Perspective (ab2/F) (Dog) Bulldog
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Forged Viewpoint (ab3/F) (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Potential Probe (ab2/fh) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Behind The Start Line out of Ch BSG Middling Perception.
(5 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Bulldog
BSG Starting Perception (ab4/h) (Dog) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Behind In Courage out of Ch BSG Tempting Start.
(8 days)
BSG Starting Courage (abf/fh) (Bitch) Bulldog
BSG Behind The Triplets (ab2/h) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch BSG Hot Courage out of Ch BSG Adaptable Lady.
(12 days)
BSG Hot Lady (ab3/f~) (Bitch) Bulldog

Retirement Couch
GCH CH UDBSG Adaptable Perspective Bulldog
GCH CH CDXBSG Adapted Temptress Bulldog
CH BSG Compassionate Celebration Bulldog
GCH CH UDBSG Courageous Perspective Bulldog
GCH CH UDBSG Exponentially Adaptable Bulldog
GCH CH UDBSG Hot Courage Bulldog
GCH CH UDBSG Mighty Perceptive Bulldog
CH BSG Perfect Gait Bulldog
CH BSG Safe Perspective Bulldog
CH BSG Summoned Romantic Bulldog
General Info
Prestige: 97.0 (#16)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 9/16/2003
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 1/30/2023
Community Rank: 363rd

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Upcomming Litters
BSG Gated Arch
Due 2/2/2023 to BSG Ideal Stride
CH BSG Ideal Summons
Due 2/4/2023 to BSG Ultimate Perspective