Welcome to the spinoff of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a second kennel to handle my secondary breeds, but you will find the same quality here as in my primary kennel. Currently showing champion Pugs.

CH BSG Almost Sunset Pug
CH BSG Bright Storm (abfc) Pug
CH BSG Kind Chase Pug
CH CDBSG Kind Gift Pug
CH BSG Lasting Gift Pug
CH BSG Little Bit Of Prosperity (abfgf) Pug
CH BSG Long Necked Bottle (abfhgf) Pug
CH BSG Sunny Kindness Pug
BSG All But Shiny (abss) Pug
BSG Cold Tootsies (abcfhg) Pug
BSG Gift Of Gold (abgf) Pug
BSG Gifted Dancer (abgf) Pug
BSG Golden Clay Pug
BSG High Prosperity (ADB HStn) Pug
BSG Icy Kindness (abch) Pug
BSG Lasting Cheer (abhssf) Pug
BSG Long Brightness (abcgf) Pug
BSG Sunrise Sunset (abhgf) Pug
BSG Swirly Feet (abhc) Pug

CH BSG Crazily Peaceful (abchgf) Pug
CH BSG Crazy Sunbeam Pug
CH BSG Fair Clay (abfss) Pug
CH BSG Gift Of Dancing Pug
CH BSG Little Bit Of Drinking (abchf) Pug
CH BSG Longlasting Peace Pug
BSG Black Sasquatch (ADB HSnF) Pug
BSG Blinding Brightness (abfhgf) Pug
BSG Chasing The Storm (abcfg) Pug
BSG Crazy Gardener (ADB Hsnf) Pug
BSG Giant Feet (ADB Hstnf) Pug
BSG Gift Of Sunrise (abcg) Pug
BSG Golden Giant (abcfh) Pug
BSG Kind Doves (abcfhg) Pug
BSG Little Bitty Chair (abssgf) Pug
BSG There Is Gold (abfgf) Pug

By Ch BSG Gift Of Dancing out of Ch BSG Golden Sunbeam.
(2 days)
BSG Gifted Sunbeam (abcg) (Bitch) Pug
BSG Jackson Five (abc) (Dog) Pug
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Almost Cheery out of BSG Golden Clay.
(4 days)
BSG Almost Golden (abff) (Dog) Pug
BSG Cheery Clay (abg) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Longlasting Peace out of Ch BSG Sunny Kindness.
(8 days)
BSG Sunny Peace (abfhgf) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Crazy Sunbeam out of Ch BSG Kind Zephyr.
(9 days)
BSG Kind Sun (abhg) (Dog) Pug
BSG Kind Winds (abf) (Bitch) Pug
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Golden Toes out of Ch BSG Golden Flames.
(11 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Pug
BSG Flaming Toes (abcfhg) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Bright Kindness out of Ch BSG Almost Sunset.
(12 days)
BSG Almost Kind (abgssf) (Bitch) Pug
BSG Brightest Sunset (abgssf) (Dog) Pug

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Prestige: 97.6 (#9)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 6/3/2004
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 4/10/2021
Community Rank: 526th

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CH BSG Kind Chase
Due 4/11/2021 to BSG Crazy Sunbeam
CH BSG Lasting Gift
Due 4/11/2021 to BSG Longlasting Peace
CH CD BSG Kind Gift
Due 4/14/2021 to BSG Longlasting Peace