Welcome to the spinoff of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a second kennel to handle my secondary breeds, but you will find the same quality here as in my primary kennel. Currently showing champion Pugs.

CH BSG Mixed Ice Australian Terrier
CH BSG Almost Gifted (abss) Pug
CH BSG Cheery Gifts Pug
CH BSG Comforted Clay Pug
CH BSG Finally Clay Pug
CH BSG Settling Sunbeam Pug
CH BSG Swirling Waves Pug
BSG Golden Exercises (52.15ss19.3) Australian Terrier
BSG Saharan Kisses (31.05ss18.3) Australian Terrier
BSG Titian Merriment Australian Terrier
BSG Trusty Spices (50.4ss17.4) Australian Terrier
BSG Black Sun Pug
BSG Blind As A Bat (abfhgf) Pug
BSG Blinding Chair (abhgf) Pug
BSG Chasing Over There (abg) Pug
BSG Clay Finality (abfg) Pug
BSG Clay Winds Pug
BSG High Perfection (abfhgf) Pug
BSG Kindly Giant Pug
BSG Perfectly Loving (abfhgf) Pug
BSG Shiny Gifts (abf) Pug
BSG Church Numbers (47.2ss14.3) Shiba Inu
BSG Wag Next Time Yorkshire Terrier

CH BSG Almost Crazy Pug
CH BSG Crazy Cheers (abss) Pug
BSG Mixed Fire (68.75ss18.9) Australian Terrier
BSG Sandy Trust Exercise (37.4ss15.9) Australian Terrier
BSG Blindly Loving (abcfgf) Pug
BSG Bright Clay (abf) Pug
BSG Clay Banks (abg) Pug
BSG Flaming Brightness (abcff) Pug
BSG Golden Cheer (abss) Pug

By Ch BSG Sunbeam In A Bottle out of Ch BSG Swirling Waves.
(1 days)
BSG Waves Of Sunbeams (abf) (Bitch) Pug
BSG Swirling Bottle (97.6ss20) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Swirly Gold out of BSG Kindly Giant.
(1 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pug
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Pug
BSG Kindly Gold (abf) (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Finally There out of Ch BSG Cheery Gifts.
(5 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pug
BSG Final Gift (abss) (Dog) Pug
BSG Shining Cheer (abss) (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Almost Crazy out of Ch BSG Finally Swirling.
(5 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pug
BSG Finally Crazy (abh) (Bitch) Pug
BSG Almost Swirling (97.6ss20) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Finally There out of Ch BSG Settling Sunbeam.
(5 days)
BSG Finally Settling (abss) (Bitch) Pug
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Pug
BSG Shiny Sunbeam (97.45ss20) (Dog) Pug
By 17634986 out of BSG Tiger Bird.
(5 days)
BSG Falcon Eye (96ss20) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
BSG Escaping Tiger (96.15ss20) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
BSG Escaping Falcon (94.75ss17.6) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
BSG Preying Tiger (96.2ss18.9) (Bitch) Silky Terrier
By Ch BSG Rich Sunbeam out of Ch BSG Perfect Chair.
(7 days)
BSG Perfect Sunbeam (abfhgf) (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Settled Clay out of Ch BSG Cheery Gold.
(10 days)
BSG Settled Gold (abh) (Dog) Pug
By Ch BSG Cheerful Sunbeam out of Ch BSG Finally Clay.
(10 days)
BSG Finally Beaming (abc) (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Golden Sahara out of BSG Trusted Sand.
(13 days)
BSG Golden Sand (45.95ss14.4) (Dog) Australian Terrier
BSG Trusted Sahara (48.75ss17.2) (Bitch) Australian Terrier
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Australian Terrier
By Ch Brickhouse Bristlecone out of Ch Brickhouse Sierra Meadow.
(13 days)
BSG Mountain Spruce (98.05ss20) (Bitch) Bull Terrier

Retirement Couch
CH BSG Crazy Brightness Pug
CH BSG Finally There Pug
CH BSG Little Bit Of Clay Pug
CH BSG Perfect Chair Pug
CH BSG Settled Clay Pug
General Info
Prestige: 98.4 (#9)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 6/3/2004
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 9/20/2021
Community Rank: 526th

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BSG Black Sun
Due 9/21/2021 to BSG Almost Crazy
BSG Titian Merriment
Due 9/23/2021 to BSG Golden Sahara
CH BSG Mixed Ice
Due 9/23/2021 to BSG Titian Trust
BSG Clay Winds
Due 9/24/2021 to BSG Crazy Cheers