Breeder of Top German Shepherd Dogs
(Female GSD picture used on this site: Ch.Sunflower's Kissin Kris CD,TC,HIC,OFA
Male GSD picture used on this site: Sunflower's Immortal of Dilquin)

At Kissangel Kennels our goal is to continually breed the best dogs that we can, and enable our breeds to have continued success. We wish to extend our thanks and congradulations to all the Kissangel owners. Good luck to all showdog players in the future...(359 Champions, over 140 Best In Shows, over 290 Best In Specialty Shows and counting)

happy :)Currently breeder and home to the top 4 all time top winning German Shepherd Dogs in breed history.happy :)

Bosco is still the #1 in breed all time/ #2 all time top winning dog all-breed.

Kissangels Skys The Limit..."Sky" is currently the #2 in breed all time.
Ch.Kissangels Criminal Minds...."Spenc" is ranked #3 currently in breed all time.
Ch.Kissangels Mists of Avalon..."Misty" currently ranks #4 in the all time breed list.

Bred By Best In Show Winners:

Ch.Kissangels Third Watch UD(64)
Ch.Kissangels Be Mine(13)
Ch.Kissangels Skys The Limit(8)
Ch.Kissangels Mists of Avalon(9)
Ch.Kissangels Let It Stay(7)
Ch.Kissangels Criminal Minds (5)
Ch.Kissangels Thick of The Storm(5)
Ch.Kissangels Heart of The Storm CD(4)
Ch.Kissangels Prowlin Tonight(4)
Ch.Kissangels Baby Steps(2)
Ch.Kissangels Howlin At The Moon(2)
Ch.Kissangels Wanted(2)
Ch.Kissangels Gentle Storm
Ch.Kissangels Law and Order SVU
Ch.Kissangels Never Imagined
Ch.Kissangels What A Night
Ch.Kissangels Gentle Thunder
Ch.Kissangels The Joker
Ch.Kissangels Storm In My Heart
Ch.Kissangels Break Trust
Ch.Kissangels TrustedHeart

As well as,
Shown by Best In Show Winners:

Ch.Blessid Break Away(7)
Ch.Immortals No Warning
Ch.Immortals What A Lady
Ch.Immortals All About Luck

Thanks krisk

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