Welcome to my kennel where I am currently breeding Dogue De Bordeaux

CH Ladykencos Shining Dream finished on 27-10-05 Mastiff

Ch Lil Bees Desire finished on 13-12-05 Boxer

Ch FXC Slave to Love finished on 15-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Lethal Weapon finished on 16-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Walk of Life finished on 21-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Heart and Soul finished on 30-12-05 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Lethal Serpant finished on 14-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dream Weaver finished on 17-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Scorpio finished on 23-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Miss Understood finished on 08-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Honeysuckle finished on 17-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Tycoon finished on 25-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Heathcliff finished on 01-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Neil Armstrong finished on 06-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Caberet finished on 08-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Love is the Drug finished on 17-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Jealous Guy finished on 19-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dance Away finished on 03-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Ace Ventura finished on 03-04-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Indiana Jones finished on 09-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Queen Bee finished on 13-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Rolling Stone finished on 19-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Cracker Jack finished on 20-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Chantilly Lace finished on 20-04-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Quantum Leap finished on 23-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Butch Cassidy finished on 12-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Christian Dior finished on 16-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Almost An Angel finished on 26-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Scarlet Ribbons finished on 29-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dina finished on 14-06-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Callum finished on 01-07-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos A Boy Like Me finished on 04-07-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Royal Girl finished on 08-08-06 Mastiff

Ch Langold Misty Star finished on 24-08-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Lone Star finished on 06-09-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Heart Stopper finished on 09-09-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Blue All Over finished on 22-09-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Son Of A Gun finished on 05-10-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Royal Heart finished on 21-10-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Heather finished on 17-11-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Son Of A Bo finished on 20-11-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Stuck In The Middle finished on 16-12-06 Mastiff

Ch SWs Tommy Gun finished on 20-12-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Living It Up finished on 08-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Man Of The Future finished on 14-01-07 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Play Me finished on 21-01-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Sugar N Spice finished on 25-01-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Beach Baby finished on 04-02-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dreamer finished on 17-02-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Horatio finished on 18-03-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Moving On Up! finished on 02-04-07 Mastiff

Ch WR Oscar finished on 20-04-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos All At The Top finished on 12-05-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Casanova finished on 08-07-07 Mastiff

Ladykencos Amélie finished on 19-02-07

Ch Peace Candice finished on 24-03-07

Ch Ladykencos Jérôme finished on 06-04-07

Ch Ladykencos Théodore finished on 22-04-07

Ch Ladykencos Bastille finished on 12-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Strasbourg finished on 15-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Brigitte Bardot finished on 21-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Coco Chanel finished on 22-05-07

Ch Topstars Margaux finished on 11-06-07

Ch Ladykencos French Fancy finished on 27-06-07

Ch Ladykencos Après Un Po finished on 07-07-07

Ch Ladykencos Tomorrows Dreams finished on 06-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Zombie finished on 17-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Fancy Running finished on 19-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Churchill finished on 14-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Lost In Music finished on 19-09-07

Ch Ladykencos You Looking At Me finished on 20-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Candyman finished on 29-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Lucky Roll finished on 29-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Thor finished on 13-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Neptune finished on 18-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Big Foot finished on 23-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Melvin finished on 27-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Hollywood Star finished on 07-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Highlander finished on 13-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Isnt She Something finished on 17-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Forest Gump finished on 20-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Hellraiser finished on 24-11-07

Ch Topstars A View To A Kill finished on 16-12-07

Ch Ladykencos Chewbacca finished on 01-02-08

Ch Ladykencos Best Of Friends finished on 21-02-08

Ch Ladykencos Moonraker finished on 24-02-08

Ch Ladykencos R2-D2 finished on 04-03-08

Ch Ladykencos Bossman finished on 01-04-08

Ch DR*s Tiara For Ladykenco finished on 07-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Savannah finished on 16-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Blue Dragon finished on 21-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Little Miss No Name finished on 04-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Tumbling Dice finished on 10-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Stormy Seas finished on 17-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Equinox finished on 17-05-08

Ch Ladykencos A Night In Blue finished on 03-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Iceman finished on 12-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Aftershock finished on 16-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Delirium finished on 22-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Shotgun finished on 02-07-08

Ch Ladykencos Piano Man finished on 17-07-08

Ch Ladykencos One For The Radio finished on 14-08-08

Ch Ladykencos Time After Time finished on 16-08-08

Ch Ladykencos Ironik finished on 20-08-08

Ch Ladykencos If This Is Love finished 23-09-08

Ch Ladykencos Into The Groove finished on 24-09-08

Ch Ladykencos Lovefool finished on 18-10-08

Ch Ladykencos One Day Like This finished on 31-10-08

Ch Ladykencos Alarm Call finished on 04-11-08

Ch Ladykencos Fascination finished on 16-11-08

Ch Ladykencos By Any Means finished 29-11-08

Ch Ladykencos Fool*s Garden finished on 10-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Somebody*s Fool finished 19-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Working Class Hero finished 20-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Ethan finished 14-01-09

Ch Ladykencos Diamond Girl finished 23-01-09

Ch Ladykencos Freedom finished 02-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Rikki finished 24-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Tyrone finished 25-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Made In Britain finished 15-05-09

Ch Ladykencos Roll To Me finished 11-08-09

Ch Ladykencos Back To The Future finished 01-10-09

Ch Ladykencos I Am The Man finished 26-10-09

Ch Ladykencos To Be A Pirate finished 06-01-10

Ch Ladykencos Wake Up finished 22-03-10

Ch Ladykencos Try Me On finished 26-05-10

Ch Ladykencos Calling Out finished on 22-07-10

Ch Ladykencos Lucky Escape finished on 30-07-10

Ch Ladykencos Hush Little Baby finished on 25-09-10

Ch Ladykencos Julie finished on 09-11-10

Ch Ladykencos Fizzy Bottle finished on 07-07-11

CH Ladykencos Simply Me finished on 02-09-11

CH Ladykencos Killer Move finished on 30-09-11

CH Ladykencos Gypsy Girl finished 11-04-12

CH Ladykencos Hell On Earth 11-05-12

CH Ladykencos Call Me Maybe 04-08-12

CH Ladykencos Dolly 25-03-14

CH Ladykencos McCoy 29-03-14

CH Ladykencos Marigold 01-04-14

CH Ladykencos Pong 10-04-14

CH Ladykencos Ricky 10-04-14

CH Ladykencos Fatty 26-04-14

CH Ladykencos Trev 17-05-14

CH Ladykencos Sarge 26-06-14

CH Ladykencos Ira 30-6-14

CH Ladykencos Brute 01-08-14

CH Ladykencos Monty 5-08-14

CH Ladykencos Peanut 8-8-14

CH Ladykencos Schweppe 16-09-14

CH Ladykencos Give Me Your Life 05-10-14

CH Ladykencos Just My Luck 26-11-14

CH Ladykencos Gerbil 31-12-14

CH Ladykencos Bronson 01-03-15

CH Ladykencos Nova 14-3-15

CH Ladykencos Sangria 15-3-15

CH Ladykencos The Crunch 7-08-15

CH Ladykencos Miss Chatterbox 11-08-15

CH Ladykencos Caboose 12-08-15

CH Ladykencos Fast As Lightning 26-09-15

CH Ladykencos Not This Time 14-10-15

After 2015 stopped logging all the information but it can be seen on this account happy :)

All banners, dividers etc made by me, using copyright free pictures or pictures of dogs I own. Please do-not take without permission!

Available to premi's and basic's alike, There are a few kennels that finish DDB for me, you know who you are "Thankyou"

Ladykencos Have To Be Tough (10.7 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #1 (10h 9.3f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (10.9 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (9.2f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #5 (9.3 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #5 (10.2 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #6 (10 h 10.9 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (10.5 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (10.3 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #8 (9.8 f) Dogue de Bordeaux

Ladykencos Avanti (10.8 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Being Sure (10.4 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Here It Goes (10.8 f 10 tnb) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Where Do We Start (10 h 10.8f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #1 (10.3 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (9.7f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #3 (10.2 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (10 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #5 (10.5 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #9 (10 fore 10.2 feet) Dogue de Bordeaux

By Ladykencos Being Sure out of Ladykencos Without Sin.
(3 days)
New Puppy #8 (10.6 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (10 c 10.6 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (10 h 10.5f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Being Sure out of Ladykencos Welsh Lady.
(3 days)
New Puppy #6 (10.7 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (10.2 f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #1 (10 f 10.7f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Where Do We Start out of Ladykencos Have To Be Tough.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (10 h 10.9 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Lets See out of Ladykencos Times Up.
(8 days)
New Puppy #10 (11 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #8 (10.9f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (10.3 f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Slide Along out of Ladykencos Scream Out Loud.
(8 days)
New Puppy #6 (10.7 f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Here It Goes out of Ladykencos Lucks In.
(8 days)
New Puppy #7 (10.4 f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (10tnb 10.9f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux

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