Welcome to my kennel where I am currently breeding Dogue De Bordeaux

CH Ladykencos Shining Dream finished on 27-10-05 Mastiff

Ch Lil Bees Desire finished on 13-12-05 Boxer

Ch FXC Slave to Love finished on 15-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Lethal Weapon finished on 16-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Walk of Life finished on 21-12-05 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Heart and Soul finished on 30-12-05 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Lethal Serpant finished on 14-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dream Weaver finished on 17-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Scorpio finished on 23-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Miss Understood finished on 08-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Honeysuckle finished on 17-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Tycoon finished on 25-02-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Heathcliff finished on 01-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Neil Armstrong finished on 06-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Abracadabra Caberet finished on 08-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Love is the Drug finished on 17-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Jealous Guy finished on 19-03-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dance Away finished on 03-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Ace Ventura finished on 03-04-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Indiana Jones finished on 09-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Queen Bee finished on 13-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Rolling Stone finished on 19-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Cracker Jack finished on 20-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Chantilly Lace finished on 20-04-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Quantum Leap finished on 23-04-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Butch Cassidy finished on 12-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Christian Dior finished on 16-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Almost An Angel finished on 26-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Scarlet Ribbons finished on 29-05-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dina finished on 14-06-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Callum finished on 01-07-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos A Boy Like Me finished on 04-07-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Royal Girl finished on 08-08-06 Mastiff

Ch Langold Misty Star finished on 24-08-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Lone Star finished on 06-09-06 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Heart Stopper finished on 09-09-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Blue All Over finished on 22-09-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Son Of A Gun finished on 05-10-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Royal Heart finished on 21-10-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Heather finished on 17-11-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Son Of A Bo finished on 20-11-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Stuck In The Middle finished on 16-12-06 Mastiff

Ch SWs Tommy Gun finished on 20-12-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Living It Up finished on 08-01-06 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Man Of The Future finished on 14-01-07 Collie

Ch Ladykencos Play Me finished on 21-01-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Sugar N Spice finished on 25-01-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Beach Baby finished on 04-02-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Dreamer finished on 17-02-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Horatio finished on 18-03-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Moving On Up! finished on 02-04-07 Mastiff

Ch WR Oscar finished on 20-04-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos All At The Top finished on 12-05-07 Mastiff

Ch Ladykencos Casanova finished on 08-07-07 Mastiff

Ladykencos Amélie finished on 19-02-07

Ch Peace Candice finished on 24-03-07

Ch Ladykencos Jérôme finished on 06-04-07

Ch Ladykencos Théodore finished on 22-04-07

Ch Ladykencos Bastille finished on 12-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Strasbourg finished on 15-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Brigitte Bardot finished on 21-05-07

Ch Ladykencos Coco Chanel finished on 22-05-07

Ch Topstars Margaux finished on 11-06-07

Ch Ladykencos French Fancy finished on 27-06-07

Ch Ladykencos Après Un Po finished on 07-07-07

Ch Ladykencos Tomorrows Dreams finished on 06-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Zombie finished on 17-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Fancy Running finished on 19-08-07

Ch Ladykencos Churchill finished on 14-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Lost In Music finished on 19-09-07

Ch Ladykencos You Looking At Me finished on 20-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Candyman finished on 29-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Lucky Roll finished on 29-09-07

Ch Ladykencos Thor finished on 13-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Neptune finished on 18-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Big Foot finished on 23-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Melvin finished on 27-10-07

Ch Ladykencos Hollywood Star finished on 07-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Highlander finished on 13-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Isnt She Something finished on 17-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Forest Gump finished on 20-11-07

Ch Ladykencos Hellraiser finished on 24-11-07

Ch Topstars A View To A Kill finished on 16-12-07

Ch Ladykencos Chewbacca finished on 01-02-08

Ch Ladykencos Best Of Friends finished on 21-02-08

Ch Ladykencos Moonraker finished on 24-02-08

Ch Ladykencos R2-D2 finished on 04-03-08

Ch Ladykencos Bossman finished on 01-04-08

Ch DR*s Tiara For Ladykenco finished on 07-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Savannah finished on 16-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Blue Dragon finished on 21-04-08

Ch Ladykencos Little Miss No Name finished on 04-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Tumbling Dice finished on 10-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Stormy Seas finished on 17-05-08

Ch Ladykencos Equinox finished on 17-05-08

Ch Ladykencos A Night In Blue finished on 03-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Iceman finished on 12-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Aftershock finished on 16-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Delirium finished on 22-06-08

Ch Ladykencos Shotgun finished on 02-07-08

Ch Ladykencos Piano Man finished on 17-07-08

Ch Ladykencos One For The Radio finished on 14-08-08

Ch Ladykencos Time After Time finished on 16-08-08

Ch Ladykencos Ironik finished on 20-08-08

Ch Ladykencos If This Is Love finished 23-09-08

Ch Ladykencos Into The Groove finished on 24-09-08

Ch Ladykencos Lovefool finished on 18-10-08

Ch Ladykencos One Day Like This finished on 31-10-08

Ch Ladykencos Alarm Call finished on 04-11-08

Ch Ladykencos Fascination finished on 16-11-08

Ch Ladykencos By Any Means finished 29-11-08

Ch Ladykencos Fool*s Garden finished on 10-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Somebody*s Fool finished 19-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Working Class Hero finished 20-12-08

Ch Ladykencos Ethan finished 14-01-09

Ch Ladykencos Diamond Girl finished 23-01-09

Ch Ladykencos Freedom finished 02-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Rikki finished 24-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Tyrone finished 25-02-09

Ch Ladykencos Made In Britain finished 15-05-09

Ch Ladykencos Roll To Me finished 11-08-09

Ch Ladykencos Back To The Future finished 01-10-09

Ch Ladykencos I Am The Man finished 26-10-09

Ch Ladykencos To Be A Pirate finished 06-01-10

Ch Ladykencos Wake Up finished 22-03-10

Ch Ladykencos Try Me On finished 26-05-10

Ch Ladykencos Calling Out finished on 22-07-10

Ch Ladykencos Lucky Escape finished on 30-07-10

Ch Ladykencos Hush Little Baby finished on 25-09-10

Ch Ladykencos Julie finished on 09-11-10

Ch Ladykencos Fizzy Bottle finished on 07-07-11

CH Ladykencos Simply Me finished on 02-09-11

CH Ladykencos Killer Move finished on 30-09-11

CH Ladykencos Gypsy Girl finished 11-04-12

CH Ladykencos Hell On Earth 11-05-12

CH Ladykencos Call Me Maybe 04-08-12

CH Ladykencos Dolly 25-03-14

CH Ladykencos McCoy 29-03-14

CH Ladykencos Marigold 01-04-14

CH Ladykencos Pong 10-04-14

CH Ladykencos Ricky 10-04-14

CH Ladykencos Fatty 26-04-14

CH Ladykencos Trev 17-05-14

CH Ladykencos Sarge 26-06-14

CH Ladykencos Ira 30-6-14

CH Ladykencos Brute 01-08-14

CH Ladykencos Monty 5-08-14

CH Ladykencos Peanut 8-8-14

CH Ladykencos Schweppe 16-09-14

CH Ladykencos Give Me Your Life 05-10-14

CH Ladykencos Just My Luck 26-11-14

CH Ladykencos Gerbil 31-12-14

CH Ladykencos Bronson 01-03-15

CH Ladykencos Nova 14-3-15

CH Ladykencos Sangria 15-3-15

CH Ladykencos The Crunch 7-08-15

CH Ladykencos Miss Chatterbox 11-08-15

CH Ladykencos Caboose 12-08-15

CH Ladykencos Fast As Lightning 26-09-15

CH Ladykencos Not This Time 14-10-15

After 2015 stopped logging all the information but it can be seen on this account happy :)

All banners, dividers etc made by me, using copyright free pictures or pictures of dogs I own. Please do-not take without permission!

Available to premi's and basic's alike, There are a few kennels that finish DDB for me, you know who you are "Thankyou"

Ladykencos Do Something (10.6f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Pink Bird (5.4) Dogue de Bordeaux
Moon Acres Tango (9.8 f do not fh) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #3 (11.7f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #3 (11.3 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (8.2 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #5 (7.3f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #5 (11 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #6 (13f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (7.2f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (11.5f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (12 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #8 (12.1 f) Dogue de Bordeaux

CH Ladykencos A Treat (9.8c9.8f4x10) Dogue de Bordeaux
CH Ladykencos Marky Mark (9.8c 4x10 9.7g) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Boy In The Circle (12.7 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Knuckles (7.3 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Side Hustle (11.5f) Dogue de Bordeaux
Ladykencos Taste It All (7.7f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #10 (11.1 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #10 (11.6f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #4 (11.6f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #6 (11.2f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #6 (11 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #7 (7.5 f) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #8 (12 f) Dogue de Bordeaux

By Ch Ladykencos A Treat out of Ladykencos Training.
(4 days)
New Puppy #4 (8.4f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #3 (13.5f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Step In out of Ladykencos Just Treats.
(4 days)
New Puppy #7 (10.7f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #6 (12.3f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Smokey out of Ladykencos Lilly Gal.
(6 days)
New Puppy #7 (11.6 f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos The Salt out of Ch Ladykencos Dreamer Babe.
(8 days)
New Puppy #3 (11.5f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #2 (11.7f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Boy In The Circle out of Moon Acres Tango.
(8 days)
New Puppy #4 (9.7f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Boy In The Circle out of Ch Ladykencos The Past.
(9 days)
New Puppy #6 (10.6f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #3 (10.7f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux
New Puppy #1 ( 12.0f) (Bitch) Dogue de Bordeaux
By Ladykencos Just A Name out of Ch Ladykencos Do You Want Me.
(9 days)
New Puppy #6 (13.8f) (Dog) Dogue de Bordeaux

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