Welcome to ShinRa Cardigan Welsh Corgis & Border Collies.
DosofShinra CWCs
AkiPocky Source CWCs.

started in 2010 on here <3

For the month of June we will be campaigning the following.....
Cardigan Welsh Corgis TBA
Border Collies GCH ShinRa Another Life.

IRL Cardigan Welsh Corgi owner/breeder/handler <3

CH ShinRa 1000 Oceans Border Collie
CH ShinRa OG Kush Border Collie
CH Shinras Double Scoop Border Collie
R-C Double Shot A Red Border Collie
ShinRa Devil May Cry Border Collie
ShinRa Exquisite (BROOD) Border Collie
ShinRa Gorgeous Nightmare Border Collie
ShinRa Hellfire (Burner) Border Collie
ShinRa Holding Onto Smoke Border Collie
ShinRa I Wouldnt Mind Border Collie
ShinRa Its My Life Border Collie
ShinRa Kush Border Collie
ShinRa Shut Up Border Collie
ShinRa Slow Down Border Collie
ShinRa Sunbutter and Fluff Border Collie
ShinRa Whispers In The Dark Border Collie

GCH CH ShinRa Another Life (Chris) Border Collie
CH ShinRa Kickstart My Heart (Echo) Border Collie
ShinRa Making A Change II (Impact) Border Collie

By Ch AusWolf After the Storm out of ShinRa Slow Down.
(2 days)
ShinRa Sign of Life (Bitch) Border Collie
By Ch Goldcrests Chocolate Furever out of ShinRa Gorgeous Nightmare.
(2 days)
ShinRa Werewolf (Bitch) Border Collie
By Ch WolfeKirk Lilac Ares out of ShinRa I Wouldnt Mind.
(2 days)
ShinRa Meltdown (Bitch) Border Collie
By Ch WolfeKirk Emergent Threat out of Ch Shinras Double Scoop.
(9 days)
ShinRa Zombie Outbreak (Bitch) Border Collie
By Ch WolfeKirk Lilac Ares out of Ch Shinras Hot Fudge Sunday.
(10 days)
ShinRa Strawberry Banana (Berry) (Dog) Border Collie
By Ch ShinRa Kickstart My Heart out of ShinRa Exquisite.
(11 days)
ShinRa Jumpstart My Heart (Bitch) Border Collie
By Ch ShinRa Another Life out of ShinRa Strawberry Fields.
(11 days)
ShinRa Area 51 (Alien) (Dog) Border Collie
By Ch ShinRa Another Life out of ShinRa About Last Night.
(11 days)
ShinRa Peakaboo Blues (Bitch) Border Collie

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 61.9 (#172)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/18/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed
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Upcomming Litters
ShinRa Exquisite
Due 7/7/2022 to ShinRa Phantom of the Opera
CH ShinRa 1000 Oceans
Due 7/7/2022 to AusWolf Chipewyan
ShinRa Whispers In The Dark
Due 7/10/2022 to WolfeKirk Arizona Spillway
CH Shinras Double Scoop
Due 7/11/2022 to ShinRa Cry Baby