Tiny_paws Chihuahuas

Tiny_paws Chihuahuas strives to produce quality Chihuahua puppies that have excellent temperaments and conform to the breed standard.

Pups will be available sometimes, please offer only on pups or dogs that are in the for sale box. Only showable pups will be sold(pups with low SOPs will be FHed once they have settled).

Stud service is available.

I am willing to sell pups and offer stud service to basics. However, i will not place a pup with a basic kennel that is at/over the 5 dog kennel limit.

Thanks PinkChihuahua for helping me start out here in showdog and in the chihuahua breed.

CH TPK Cinnamon Roll American Cocker Spaniel

GCH CH TPK Giggling Boy Pug
CH TPK Shining Flame Pug

None at this time.

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None at this time.
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