Dog Food Suppliers

There are numerous virtual dog food companies on ShowDog.Com, each of which provides numerous dog food formulas. It is up to you to decide which manufacturer and which formula you use for each of your dogs. To give a helping hand, you can find details of each of the virtual dog food manufacturers below.

Old Boy Dog Food Company
Old Boy dog food is the ShowDog.Com equivalent of generic dog food that you would buy at your local community super-mega-retail store. If you don't choose a feed for your dogs, they will automatically be placed on the Old Boy Generic Dog Food.

Pet House
Pet House dog food is a balance of price and quality. With rations for puppies, adults, and show dogs, you'll find the right ration for most of your dogs. It isn't quite as nutritious as Super Duper dog food and doesn't have the specialized blends available from Top Dog, but it is a good all-around dog food.

Top Dog Foods
Top Dog Foods specializes in making specialized dog food formulas. They don't currently offer a puppy ration and it is not recommended that you feed Top Dog dog food to your young pups.

Super Duper Dog Food
Super Duper dog food is the premium dog food of ShowDog.Com. It is up to you to decide whether the money is worth it.

Special Mix Dog Food
Premium users can also mix their own food rations. The price for these rations is about 10% higher than for what you would pay for a standard formula but you have the added control of deciding exactly what to feed your dogs. If you use the right amount of everything, this food is much better than the other foods available.

Last Updated: 10/16/2007 4:37:08 PM

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