Stud Approvals

Setting up Stud Approval

In order to setup approval for the use of your stud, simply select the "Approval Required" box on the stud service page.

Requesting Services

When searching through studs, you will see a red X next to each stud that requires approval for servicing. If you choose to use a stud that requires approval for servicing, you will be placed on a list for the owner of the stud to approve or decline.
If the owner fails to do anything within 24-hours, you can continue with the breeding to the stud if you have sufficient funds in your account. Once the 24-hours is up, go to your stud service approval page (the link is right under the Inbox link on your "My Kennel" page) and click "Breed" for the selected female.

The owner of the stud can still decline a request after the 24-hour period if you haven't checked the "Stud Approval" page to breed your female.

If you choose to use another stud, your original approval request should be cancelled.

Accepting Services

When somebody has requested permission to use one of your studs, you will receive a notice on your main kennel page below your inbox. Click on this link for a list of users who would like to use your stud and choose which bitches you would like to allow your stud to service.

IMPORTANT: If you do not decline a stud service within 24-hours of the request, it will be automatically approved. If you know you won't be online for at least 24-hours and do not want your stud used, please disable stud services for him. Once the 24-hours is up, you can still decline an offer, however the person making the offer has the option of breeding to your stud if you don't decline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't login for 24-hours and my stud gets used by somebody I don't want it to be used by?
This is a risk you take by offering your dogs up for stud. Rather than leaving your potential stud service customers hanging for days at a time, if you do not decline a request within 24-hours, it is automatically accepted.

We do this to prevent frustration on the part of users who are attempting to breed their bitches. Waiting two days for an approval for the use of a stud they are paying money for is a inconvenience we aren't willing to place on your stud service customers.

So-and-So didn't let me use their stud because they don't like me. This isn't fair.
It is the sole discretion of the owner of the stud to breed their stud to certain bitches and not others. If you were denied the services of a particular stud, please find another stud. We do not tolerate arguments that are the result of a denied stud service.

I want to tell everyone not to let So-and-So use their studs.
Due to numerous problems in the past, we do not tolerate "black list" threads on our forums.

Last Updated: 6/15/2011 9:55:21 PM

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.