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Sending Dogs to Forever Homes

Many users take the site very seriously and are attached to the puppies that they breed, so it is considered good manners to e-mail the breeder of a dog before sending it to a forever home or your retirement couch. Check the kennel slogan of the breeder of the dog; some users keep their puppy policies in their kennel slogans so you can see exactly what they expect of the people who purchase their dogs.

Kennel Prefixes

A kennel prefix is a series of letters or words that kennel owners put before the names of all dogs they breed so dogs bred by their kennels can be easily identified. For example, someone might have Dana0456 as her username, Rolling Hills Kennel as her kennel name, and RHK as her prefix. All dogs bred by Dana0456 would have RHK before their names, like RHK Only the Lonely.

It is generally considered very rude to use another kennel’s prefix. If you are a newer user and an older user already uses the prefix you wanted, try coming up with something a little more original rather than starting a fight by using the same prefix. In the example above, if RHK was taken, Dana0456 could use Rolling as her prefix and the dog in the example would be called Rolling Only the Lonely. If you don’t know if the prefix you want to use is taken or not, try asking on the forums. Sometimes users in different breeds can both agree to use the same prefix.

Makings Offers On Dogs

Although there is a system in place to make offers on dogs that are not listed on the sales board, it is considered rude by many users to make offers on dogs that are not listed for sale. It is definitely inappropriate to make very low offers on high-quality dogs. If you see a dog that you are interested in purchasing, it is probably better to send a polite enquiry to the owner of the dog via e-mail than to go ahead and make an offer.

Show Payouts

If you win a payout in a show, it is considered polite to send a thank you e-mail to the user that donated the payout. Although not absolutely necessary, this is a nice gesture and may encourage that person to add more payouts in the future!

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