Customizing Your Kennel

Kennel Slogan

If you are a premium user you can customize your kennel slogan. The kennel slogan is what other users see when they visit your kennel. More information is available on the appropriate page.

Kennel Runs

Users can create custom kennel runs to organize their kennel. To sort your dogs according to these kennel runs you must use the "Organizer" Kennel View (see top box of your kennel page). To return to the default organization use the "Classic" Kennel View.

Aside: "Table View" will let you see all the genetic traits of dogs in one kennel run in a table for easy comparison.

Other users always see the Classic View of your kennel however they can see the custom kennel run assigned to each dog on their respective dog pages.

Color Settings

You can change the color setting of the dog stat numbers on this page. Color 1 refers to the text color on dark colored stats (9.5-10.5). Color 2 refers to the text on light colored stats (less than 9.5 or greater than 10.5). Colors are described using 6 character hexadecimal codes a list of colors and more information can be found here. This is purely personal preference experiment with it as you like.

The Default values are: Color 1: AFEEEE, Color 2: 000000

Frequently Asked Questions

I see many people have a banner on their kennel slogan where can I get one?

Many users offer to make banners for other users see the Banner Making Forum. Or you may make one yourself. However, ensure that any images used in the creation of a banner are not in violation of other people's copyrights. Note: if no copyright is stated for an image that does not mean you may use it, images must be declared free to use for derivative works to be used in a banner.

Feature X on my kennel page is annoying how do I get rid of it?

Certain features such as the Poll, Facebook buttons and Topics sections can be turned off from by clicking a link at the bottom of your kennel page.

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The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.