Judge Personality Traits

From July 2011, ShowDog judges will have personality traits.

Each judge will have a personality that will impact the way they judge. These personalities will be made up of personality traits and judges can have all or even none of them. However, at their heart, judges will still work similarly to how they have in the past, taking a dogs quality, condition, and how well that compares to what they find important and what is more important for that breed. The obvious exceptions to that will be the judges that have a personality trait that is direct contradiction to one aspect of it.

The new ‘personality traits’ for the judges (this info is shown at the top of each judges info page) are as follows:


Some judges will prefer dogs (about 20% of judges) or bitches (about 10% of judges). This is only a slight advantage, the opposite sex can still win if they’re clearly superior.

BIS Staleness

About 10% of the judges don’t like to see the same old breeds going BIS and will go out of their way to select breeds that haven’t had group and show placings in the last month.

Owner Handler

About 15% of the judges will actually show a bias toward owner handled dogs vs dogs with handlers.


A general description of how political a judge is in his/her bias toward certain handlers. This is not the same thing as the owner handler preference and owner handler judges aren’t political at all. It is up to the players to work out which handlers the judge is biased towards.

Breed Bias

The amount that the way a judge’s trait preferences interact with a breeds scale of points to create a breed bias. These range from no breed bias at all and a low level of breed bias to moderate and high levels of breed bias. 


About 15% of the judges will show a slight preference for dogs they have seen in the ring before.

Champions for Breed

About 15% of the judges will have a deep bias against putting class dogs over champion dogs for best of breed.

Breed Relative Judging

About 15% of the judges will take the approach that dogs should be compared to how good they are vs the rest of their breed instead of how good they are vs all dogs in the game.

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Did you know?
An obedience trial is a dog sport in which a dog must perfectly execute a predefined set of tasks when directed to do so by his handler