Earning Titles

Champion (CH)


  •  Total of 15 points
  • 2 majors

A major is a win of 3 points or more at one time. The majors are included in the total fifteen points needed. A dog gets points by winning Winner's Dog/Winner's Bitch awards or higher in shows. A dog can receive anywhere from zero to five points. How many points your dog receives depends on how many dogs he or she beats and on the breed schedule of points, which is based on the number of show entries for that breed in the past month.

Grand Champion (GCH)

  • Total of 25 GCH points
  • 3 GCH majors from 3 different judges
  • At least four different judges must have awarded GCH points
  • GCH points were earned by beating at least one other champion in at least three shows.

GCH majors are the same as CH majors, three or more points earned at one show. Grand Champion points are not the same as regular championship points, but the number of points is calculated in the same way, according to the breed schedule of points. The only way to earn GCh points is to win Best in Breed (BIB) or Best of Opposite Sex (BOS), after a dog has achieved a Ch. If a dog wins BIB, points are calculated for all other dogs entered (except Vetrans if any). If you go BOS you get points based on the dogs of the same sex entered (so if a bitch goes BOS she gets points for all the female class dogs and female champions).

Dogs continue to accumulate GCH points after earning their GCH title which contribute to Grand Championship ranking.

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International Champion (IBIS)

  • BIS at Showdog.com World Cup

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The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.