Shows Sponsored by Gallaxy

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Gallaxy . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Let The Danes Dance 8/25/2018 Paul Taylor Great Dane 32
Great Dane Valentines 2/14/2018 Stephen Butler Great Dane 54
GSD New Year Show 1/1/2017 William Hernandez German Shepherd Dog 19
October Dane Dance 10/7/2016 Albert Thomas Great Dane 19
Parade of the Danes 3/10/2015 Eileen Miller Great Dane 44
Great Dane Dance I 5/23/2014 Michelle Zavala Great Dane 33
A Gathering of Danes XX 7/21/2006 Garry Locke Great Dane 110
A Gathering of Danes XIX 7/17/2006 Brian Oatman Great Dane 88
A Gathering of Danes XVIII 7/14/2006 Donny Marsh Great Dane 79
A Gathering of Danes XVII 7/11/2006 Ryan Juliesen Great Dane 95
A Gathering of Danes XVI 7/4/2006 Ryan Juliesen Great Dane 91
A Gathering of Saints XI 7/1/2006 Frederica Katalin Saint Bernard 41
A Gathering of Danes XV 6/29/2006 Garry Locke Great Dane 78
Gallaxys 8th All Breed 6/27/2006 Deforrest Aaren All 974
A Gathering of Saints X 6/24/2006 Petar Amelia Saint Bernard 57
Gallaxys 7th All Breed 6/19/2006 Sarah Smith All 1,083
A Gathering of Saints IX 6/15/2006 Germogen Dominique Saint Bernard 50
Gallaxys 6th All Breed 6/13/2006 Lacey Zachery All 1,603
A Gathering of Danes XIV 6/12/2006 Deforrest Aaren Great Dane 123
A Gathering of Saints VIII 6/11/2006 Mark Sayers Saint Bernard 52
A Gathering of Danes XIII 6/10/2006 Herb Hagge Great Dane 103
Gallaxys 5th All Breed 6/9/2006 Sam Moss All 2,877
A Gathering of Danes XII 6/8/2006 Mark Sayers Great Dane 120
Running Of The Bulls 6/7/2006 Frederica Katalin Bulldog 67
A Gathering of Danes XI 6/6/2006 Blake Hugh Great Dane 69
A Gathering of Danes X 6/5/2006 Andy Astor Great Dane 116
A Gathering of Saints VII 6/4/2006 Lean Hoeffner Saint Bernard 47
A Gathering of Danes IX 6/3/2006 Brian Oatman Great Dane 89
Gallaxys 4th All Breed 6/2/2006 Frederica Katalin All 1,906
A Gathering of Danes VIII 6/1/2006 Mendy Menzie Great Dane 75
A Gathering of Saints VI 5/30/2006 Germogen Dominique Saint Bernard 51
A Gathering of Danes VII 5/29/2006 Gregg Merrill Great Dane 77
A Gathering of Danes VI 5/28/2006 James Link Great Dane 135
A Gathering of Saints V 5/27/2006 Bryan Walston Saint Bernard 50
A Gathering of Saints IV 5/26/2006 Jem Eddy Saint Bernard 58
A Gathering of Danes V 5/25/2006 Blake Hugh Great Dane 79
Heavenly Saints Show 5/24/2006 Jem Eddy Saint Bernard 53
A Gathering of Danes IV 5/23/2006 Ryan Juliesen Great Dane 73
A Gathering of Danes III 5/22/2006 Donny Marsh Great Dane 69
A Gathering of Saints III 5/21/2006 Lacey Zachery Saint Bernard 50
Bernese Bash 5/20/2006 Otto Oswald Bernese Mountain Dog 42
A Gathering of Danes II 5/19/2006 Stevie Davy Great Dane 84
A Gathering of Saints II 5/18/2006 Jem Eddy Saint Bernard 53
A Gathering of Danes 5/17/2006 Blake Hugh Great Dane 112
A Gathering of Saints 5/16/2006 Gregg Merrill Saint Bernard 52
Danes Great Show 5/15/2006 Holly Schroeder Great Dane 82
Great Dane Polka Party 5/14/2006 Pat Price Great Dane 82
Gallaxys 3rd All Breed 5/13/2006 Lean Hoeffner All 2,193
Great Dane Super Specialty 5/12/2006 Otto Oswald Great Dane 87
Drool Towel Tango 5/11/2006 Pat Price Mastiff 74
Basset Hound Bonanza 5/10/2006 Frederica Katalin Basset Hound 66
TERVUREN TANGO TWO 5/9/2006 Kristen Wiggs Belgian Tervuren 53
Dane Dance 5/8/2006 Frederica Katalin Great Dane 75
BULLDOG BLITZ 5/7/2006 Travis Hunter Bulldog 50
Irish Wolfhound Sweepstakes 5/6/2006 Deforrest Aaren Irish Wolfhound 32
Gallaxys 2nd All Breed 5/5/2006 Paul Caraway All 1,169
Irish Setter Spectacular 5/4/2006 Garry Locke Irish Setter 76
SAINTS IN MAY 5/1/2006 Donny Marsh Saint Bernard 44
Saint Bernard Bingo 4/29/2006 Kristen Wiggs Saint Bernard 46
Great Dane Fandango 4/28/2006 Sam Moss Great Dane 63
Gallaxys All Breed Blowout 4/27/2006 Blake Hugh All 1,366
TERVUREN TANGO 4/24/2006 Herb Hagge Belgian Tervuren 42
Bring Your Bernards Bash 4/22/2006 Blake Hugh Saint Bernard 41
The Malamute Party 4/19/2006 Kerrie Orval Alaskan Malamute 117
Bulldog Barndance 4/14/2006 Paul Caraway Bulldog 44
Lucky Labrador Show 4/7/2006 Mickey Bysshe Labrador Retriever 66
Saints Valentine Day 2/14/2006 Ryan Juliesen Saint Bernard 86
Bulldog Summer Picnic 7/10/2005 Frederica Katalin Bulldog 58
Great Big Dane Dance 5/25/2005 Jimmy James Great Dane 112
Let The Saints March In 5/20/2005 Ryan Juliesen Saint Bernard 55

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.