Shows Sponsored by SunflowerStar

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by SunflowerStar . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Russell Best Of 12/18/2019 Russell Le All 63
September Festival 9/2/2019 Kelvin Walton West Highland White Terrier 19
RKs All Star 8/26/2019 Orval Sales All 996
I Will Always Love You 7/28/2019 Russell Le All 398
Clays Winning 6/29/2019 Orval Sales All 872
If It Takes Forever 11/13/2017 Genevieve Cyr All 530
Russells Simply The Best 10/12/2017 Martin Lee All 620
Russells Tog Dog 6/12/2017 Martin Lee All 589
RPKs Best of the Best 2 4/21/2017 Lois Lund All 953
Russells I Cant Take My Eyes Off You 10/20/2015 Patricia Stevens Pomeranian 16
I love you Sleepy 7/23/2015 Ashley Anderson All 299
Russells Easy Money 6/2/2012 Donald Gray All 241
Russells Good and Best 5/25/2012 Paul Phillips All 302
Russells Best Ones 5/19/2012 Shane Walker All 202
Russells Only The Best 5/14/2012 Leona Kiley All 593
Russells Only The Best 1 5/12/2012 Bennie Wilkins Pharaoh Hound 0
Rons Amazing Canines 5/23/2007 Mark Sayers All 627
April Madness Show 4/23/2007 Bryan Walston All 1,195
Xanadu Classic Springers 4/3/2007 Deforrest Aaren English Springer Spaniel 31
Rin Tin Tin Classic Shepherd 4/2/2007 Sam Moss German Shepherd Dog 43
Robinson Pharoahs Classic 4/1/2007 Amanda Young Pharaoh Hound 19
Lassie Lassie Classic 3/30/2007 Mark Sayers Collie 57
The Perfect Robinson Collie 3/19/2007 Lynn Jackson Collie 31
Because I Love Him Robinson Classic 3/13/2007 Holly Schroeder Collie 34
Photo Finish Classics 3/12/2007 Sarah Smith English Springer Spaniel 29
Pharoahs All Time Classic 3/11/2007 Mickey Bysshe Pharaoh Hound 23
Robinsons Because We Are Lucky 3/9/2007 Bryan Walston All 1,269
Classic Robinson Pharoahs 12/19/2006 Pat Price Pharaoh Hound 16
Robinson Classic Collies 2006 11/7/2006 Sarah Smith Collie 41
R Robinsons Classic Collies 2006 10/10/2006 Brian Oatman Collie 19
All Dogs Go to Heaven Classic 8/12/2006 Mickey Bysshe All 739
For the Love of a Collie Classic 7/16/2006 Kristen Wiggs Collie 39
In Honor of Boppie Classic 7/15/2006 Sam Moss Pomeranian 33
Classic Collies Summer Celebration 7/12/2006 Mickey Bysshe Collie 49
Best Of the Best Robinson Classic Collies 7/9/2006 Graeme Vance Collie 31
Robinson Classic Collies III 7/8/2006 Sam Moss Collie 33
Knock Em Dead Classic Collies 7/6/2006 Jared Weiderhold Collie 32
Robinson Classic Collies II 6/27/2006 Kerrie Orval Collie 25
Robinson Classic Collie Knock em Dead 6/23/2006 Travis Hunter Collie 35
Real Collies Show 6/11/2005 Holly Schroeder Collie 29
Robinson Blue Ribbon 6/4/2005 Petar Amelia Collie 25
Rons Winning Circle 5/17/2005 Sarah Smith Collie 40
Celebrate Springtime Love 5/16/2005 Mike Dixon Collie 38
Rons Best of the Best 4/27/2005 Travis Hunter Collie 20
Lassie Come Home Classic 4/11/2005 Mendy Menzie Collie 29
For Love of R 3/22/2005 Sarah Smith Collie 44
Rons Best Of Like Him 3/20/2005 Amanda Young Collie 42
Robinson Classic Collies 12/18/2004 Paul Caraway Collie 38
American Cocker Classics 12/18/2004 Mendy Menzie American Cocker Spaniel 29
Jokers Wild Best Poms Show 12/17/2004 Garry Locke Pomeranian 41
Robinson Blue Ribbon Collies 12/16/2004 Garry Locke Collie 46
Grace Classic Australian Shepherd 10/9/2004 Sarah Smith Australian Shepherd 29
Lassie Come Home Best In Breed 10/8/2004 Travis Hunter Collie 35

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.