Shows Sponsored by Luxemburg

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Luxemburg . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Clone Apocalypse 4 11/20/2021 Ruth Miller Belgian Sheepdog 37
Clone Apocalypse 3 11/19/2021 Eileen Miller Belgian Sheepdog 23
Clone apocalypse 2 11/18/2021 Paul Phillips Belgian Sheepdog 23
Clone Apocalypse 11/17/2021 Thomas Bartley Belgian Sheepdog 10
99.8 SOP Lux sweeps 3 10/19/2021 Kevin Garcia Belgian Sheepdog 28
99.8 SOP Lux Beligan sweeps 10/18/2021 Holly Schroeder Belgian Sheepdog 21
99.8 SOP Lux Belgian Sweep 2 10/17/2021 Casey Wolfe Belgian Sheepdog 22
99.8 SOP lux sweeps 10/16/2021 Lester Fuller Belgian Sheepdog 22
99.8 SOP Lux Belgian Sweeps 10/15/2021 Paul Spencer Belgian Sheepdog 23
Remembering the Son of Monster 10/1/2007 Germogen Dominique Belgian Sheepdog 48
A Tribute to Hopeful Monster 9/29/2007 Jared Weiderhold Belgian Sheepdog 45
Win More Free Critters 9/25/2007 Germogen Dominique All 825
Hard Working BSDs on Holiday 9/3/2007 Stevie Davy Belgian Sheepdog 74
Doggy Days Derby Demo 8/26/2007 Finn McKay All 984
Hive Queen Is Buzzing Off 7/16/2007 Pat Price Belgian Sheepdog 56
Shout For Joys Last Hoorah 7/13/2007 Germogen Dominique Belgian Sheepdog 54
Silver Moons Are Special BSDs 7/12/2007 Paul Caraway Belgian Sheepdog 39
Venus de Milo Retirement Gala 7/11/2007 Deforrest Aaren Belgian Sheepdog 60
Win Free Bird Sheep or Bunny 7/9/2007 Jared Weiderhold All 939
Boom Bang Belgian Sheepdogs 7/4/2007 Kerrie Orval Belgian Sheepdog 52
Rascal Pups Belgian Sheepdogs 6/22/2007 Herb Hagge Belgian Sheepdog 49
Belgians Abound 5/28/2007 Sam Moss Belgian Sheepdog 76
Did someone say Pig Ear 5/27/2007 Jem Eddy Belgian Sheepdog 82
BSDs Welcome to the Monster Club 2/15/2007 Paul Caraway Belgian Sheepdog 44
Jingle Bells Groenendaels 12/24/2006 Kristen Wiggs Belgian Sheepdog 58
Thank the Belgians 11/23/2006 Petar Amelia Belgian Sheepdog 65

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.