Shows Sponsored by Striker

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Striker . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Strikers June 11th All Breed Show 6/11/2019 Frederica Katalin All 372
Strikers May 22nd All Breed Show 5/22/2019 Blake Hugh All 539
Strikers May 11th All Breed Show 5/11/2019 Alexis Sides All 352
Strikers May 2nd All Breed Show 5/2/2019 Stephen Long All 320
Strikers April 16th All Breed Show 4/16/2019 Sang Wolfson All 311
Strikers April 6th All Breed Show 4/6/2019 Scott Pham All 342
Strikers April 3rd All Breed Show 4/3/2019 Cristi Langley All 381
Strikers March 22nd All Breed Show 3/22/2019 Paul Taylor All 210
Strikers March 13th All Breed Show 3/13/2019 Jesus Russell All 315
Strikers March 8th All Breed Show 3/8/2019 Alan Magdaleno All 292
Strikers February 18th All Breed Show 2/18/2019 Carla Martinez All 575
Strikers February 17th All Breed Show 2/17/2019 Matthew Phillips All 1,157
Strikers February 11th All Breed Show 2/11/2019 Richard Wilson All 320
Strikers February 7th All Breed Show 2/7/2019 Susan Sherman All 434
Strikers January 28th All Breed Show 1/28/2019 Mark Wilson All 1,152
Strikers January 4th All Breed Show 1/4/2019 Blake Hugh All 370
Strikers January 3rd All Breed Show 1/3/2019 Dwight James All 515
Strikers December 13th All Breed Show 12/13/2018 Modesto Clem All 456
Strikers December 5th All Breed Show 12/5/2018 Stevie Davy All 1,455
Strikers December 3rd All Breed Show 2018 12/3/2018 Maria Mitchell All 367
Strikers December 2nd All Breed Show 12/2/2018 Doris Turner All 1,077
Strikers November 25th All Breed Show 11/25/2018 Steven Bolton All 363
Strikers November 24th All Breed Show 11/24/2018 Susan Sherman All 420
Strikers November 23rd All Breed Show 11/23/2018 Charles Stallings All 497
Strikers November 12th All Breed Show 11/12/2018 Paul Caraway All 518
Strikers November 5th All Breed Show 11/5/2018 Micah Day All 1,281
Strikers October 30th All Breed Show 10/30/2018 Gary Rivera All 643
Strikers October 15 All Breed Show 10/15/2018 Peggy Thomas All 496
Strikers October 10th All Breed Show 10/10/2018 Gerry Salazar All 1,323
Strikers September 28th All Breed Show 9/28/2018 Scott Pham All 346
Strikers September 19th All Breed Show 9/19/2018 Johnnie Robinson All 495
Strikers September 2nd All Breed Show 9/2/2018 Joseph Wilson All 436
Strikers August 28th All Breed Show 8/28/2018 Scott Pham All 506
Strikers August 2nd All Breed Show 8/2/2018 Willian Crutchfield All 699
Strikers July 23rd All Breed Show 7/23/2018 Jennifer Green All 563
Strikers July 12th All Breed Show 7/12/2018 Murray Ingersoll All 452
Strikers 4th Of July All Breed Show 7/4/2018 Mose Spurgeon All 573
Strikers June 13th All Breed Show 6/13/2018 Earl White All 451
Strikers June 11th All Breed Show 6/11/2018 Odilia Martin All 476
Striker June 5th All Breed Show 6/5/2018 Maria Hopkins All 609
Strikers May 25th All Breed Show 5/25/2018 Don Alaniz All 601
Strikers May 16th All Breed Show 5/16/2018 Debbie Vaughn All 413
Strikers May 8th All Breed Show 5/8/2018 Sandra Conway All 558
Strikers April 23rd All Breed Show 4/23/2018 Michael Craig All 402
Strikers April 8th All Breed Show 4/8/2018 Jimmy James All 450
Strikers March 29th All Breed Show 3/29/2018 Cristi Langley All 510
St.Patrick`s Day All Breed Show 3/17/2018 Scott Pham All 332
Strikers March 8th All Breed Show 3/8/2018 Ned Ford All 444
Strikers February 26th All Breed Show 2/26/2018 Randal Harris All 1,059
Strikers Valentines Day All Breed Show 2/14/2018 Joseph Jones All 476
Nashville ES Show 2/5/2018 Maura Ryan English Setter 28
YaYa Sheltie Show 1/26/2018 Odilia Martin Shetland Sheepdog 34
Inez Sheltie Show 1/25/2018 Gerry Salazar Shetland Sheepdog 49
Strikers January 17th All Breed Show 1/17/2018 Oscar West All 1,060
Striker 17 Sheltie Show 1/17/2018 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 50
End Of December Sheltie Show 12/30/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 73
Christmas Eve Collie Show 2017 12/24/2017 Cristi Langley Collie 35
My Birthday Collie Show 12/23/2017 Odilia Martin Collie 34
Almost Christmas Sheltie Show 12/20/2017 Maura Ryan Shetland Sheepdog 71
Into The Season Sheltie Show 12/12/2017 Oscar West Shetland Sheepdog 61
Winter Days Sheltie Show 12/6/2017 Maura Ryan Shetland Sheepdog 53
End Of November Sheltie Show 11/29/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 64
End Of November Collie Show 2017 11/29/2017 Maura Ryan Collie 47
November 22nd Sheltie Show 11/22/2017 Lorene Moore Shetland Sheepdog 70
Ravenclaw Sheltie Show 11/15/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 68
Hogwarts Collie Show 2 11/15/2017 Oscar West Collie 54
Snowed In Sheltie Show 11/9/2017 Scott Jackson Shetland Sheepdog 55
Snowed In ES Show 11/5/2017 Wilfredo Feaster English Setter 41
November 1st Sheltie Show 2017 11/1/2017 Michael Craig Shetland Sheepdog 52
November 1st Boxer Show 2017 11/1/2017 Wilfredo Feaster Boxer 53
Halloween Boxer Show 2017 10/30/2017 Randal Harris Boxer 56
Storm System Sheltie Show 10/17/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 70
Mid Autumn Boxer Show 10/15/2017 George Wilson Boxer 60
Happy 6th Anniversary ES Show 10/8/2017 Chad Hill English Setter 17
Lunar Sheltie Show 10/5/2017 Myron Carlo Shetland Sheepdog 80
Dynamite Collie Show 10/3/2017 Scott Pham Collie 53
Lauras Birthday Sheltie Show 10/2/2017 Jared Weiderhold Shetland Sheepdog 47
End Of September ES Show 9/29/2017 Genevieve Cyr English Setter 24
Dallas Sheltie Show 9/23/2017 William Hernandez English Setter 18
Colorado Snow Sheltie Show 9/22/2017 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 56
Foxglove ES Show 9/20/2017 Glen Bowers English Setter 16
Aspen Sheltie Show 2 9/20/2017 Sheldon Hansen Shetland Sheepdog 53
Pasadena ES Show 9/17/2017 Chad Hill English Setter 16
Kentucky ES Show 9/9/2017 Wilfredo Feaster English Setter 24
Vancouver Island Sheltie Fanciers 9/5/2017 Andrew Nicholson Shetland Sheepdog 47
Happy 3rd Birthday Sheltie Show 8/23/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 44
Cleveland Sheltie Show 8/22/2017 Martin Lee Shetland Sheepdog 44
Vancouver Island Sheltie Show 8/16/2017 Jeanene Brown Shetland Sheepdog 42
Georgia Sheltie Show 8/10/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 38
July 26th Sheltie Show 7/26/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 43
Highway 65 Sheltie Show 7/18/2017 Jolene Ramsey Shetland Sheepdog 44
Summer Festival Sheltie Show 7/14/2017 Patricia Allen Shetland Sheepdog 44
Bet The Numbers Sheltie Show 7/9/2017 Randal Harris Shetland Sheepdog 48
Best Friends Sheltie Show 6/24/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 47
Canadian Summer Sheltie Show 2017 6/23/2017 Gloria Driscoll Shetland Sheepdog 44
Waterfalls Sheltie Show 6/21/2017 William Carr Shetland Sheepdog 45
11th Of June Sheltie Show 6/11/2017 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 37
Summer Sun Sheltie Show 6/3/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 33
Happy Birthday DG Sheltie Show 5/24/2017 Maria Hopkins Shetland Sheepdog 30
Playoff Sheltie Show 5/16/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 36

Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.