Judge Info - Damon Thomason

Showdog.com Judge Since Thursday, May 31, 2018
Retirement Announced 8/31/2018

Shows a slight bias toward bitches over dogs. Doesn't like using the same breeds that win every other show for BIS. Actually prefers to see the owner of the dog handling it. Relatively high level of breed bias. Has a tendency to like dogs the more often they're seen.


Each judge on ShowDog.Com gives a different amount of weight to each trait of the dogs that they judge in each show.  Below is a table of which traits Damon Thomason looks for.

Trait Importance
Head Normal
Forequarter Low
Hindquarter Low
Gait Normal
Top Neck and Back Low
Coat Normal
Size/Height Very Low
Feet Low

Favorite Handlers

Each judge has a preference for certain handlers.  These preferences may be based on past experiences, showing style, or just plain old dirty politics.  This preference is completely separate from the quality of the exhibitor, which DOES come into play in the show ring.  Damon Thomason has been known to prefer the following handlers.

Rank Exhibitor
1 Geor Board
2 Mike Schneider
3 Martha Woodson
4 Angela Fletcher
5 Doug Mavroulis
6 Sam Tacker
7 Marry Anne Bryant
8 Patrick Sayforth
9 Reberol Pattison
10 David Scott
11 Ellen Schroeder
12 Rusty Walter
13 Joey Allen
14 Sylvia Tejeda
15 Kelly LaFoy
16 Bruce Creel
17 Shael Parramore
18 Jana Mezies
19 Kim Coleman
20 Chri Faison
21 Clan Melby
22 Roxanne Leatherwood
23 Joe Kensing
24 Mandy Parcus
25 George Anderson

Only the top 25 are listed for the sake of brevity.

Recent Judged Shows

Below is a list of the shows recently judged by this judge. 

Show Date Best in Show
GaylanStudio9 All-Breed 24-02-26 2/26/2024 DenKees Helen in Chicago
January 2024 Bouvier des Flandres Nationals 1/6/2024
December 2023 C.K.C.S. Nationals 12/23/2023
Lake Itasca 55 11/2/2023
October 2023 Shiba Inu Nationals 10/22/2023
October 2023 Standard Poodle Nationals 10/12/2023
Pembroke Parade 1 9/10/2023
July 2023 Glen of Imaal Terrier Nationals 7/10/2023
STL all breed 28 6/9/2023 CCC Tight Leather
TRHD all breed 45 6/8/2023 CK Pirate Treasure

Did you know?
A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.