Judge Info - Richard Mitchell

Showdog.com Judge Since Thursday, May 31, 2018
Retirement Announced 7/31/2018

Shows a slight bias toward bitches over dogs. Has a tendency to use dogs handled by certain handlers but isn't overt in it. Relatively high level of breed bias. Thinks dogs should be compared to how good they are vs the rest of their breed rather than overall quality vs all dogs.


Each judge on ShowDog.Com gives a different amount of weight to each trait of the dogs that they judge in each show.  Below is a table of which traits Richard Mitchell looks for.

Trait Importance
Head Low
Forequarter Very High
Hindquarter High
Gait Normal
Top Neck and Back High
Coat Low
Size/Height Low
Feet Very Low

Favorite Handlers

Each judge has a preference for certain handlers.  These preferences may be based on past experiences, showing style, or just plain old dirty politics.  This preference is completely separate from the quality of the exhibitor, which DOES come into play in the show ring.  Richard Mitchell has been known to prefer the following handlers.

Rank Exhibitor
1 Caraces Rowen
2 Sana Rasnick
3 Scott Ramsey
4 Yvette Glover
5 Thom Kogut
6 Claire McAllister
7 Mick Sherrer
8 Evan Kown
9 Nata Deming
10 Chrica Donnellan
11 Abby Stewart
12 Dianne Carter
13 Janis Coakley
14 Giulice Lipton
15 Nicole Hunger
16 Pamarba Lhoam
17 Bob Golub
18 Billip Soltero
19 Chric Hoover
20 Mandy Parcus
21 Joe Kensing
22 Roxanne Leatherwood
23 Chri Faison
24 Jana Mezies
25 Kristen Gowin

Only the top 25 are listed for the sake of brevity.

Recent Judged Shows

Below is a list of the shows recently judged by this judge. 

Show Date Best in Show
GaylanStudio3 All Breed 22-05-16 5/16/2022 AkMan Exotic Bloom
Cairn Ceilidh 58 5/11/2022
Grafton Town 13 4/22/2022 Rosewood Holly Madison
Treun Spring Show 26 4/14/2022 Lowchens Arthur G8 *57.0-13.0*
April 2022 Shetland Sheepdog Nationals 4/4/2022
March 2022 Kooikerhondje Nationals 3/26/2022
CanmoreK All Breed 22-03-19 3/19/2022 Lanakila Sincerely Me
Something Big Is Coming 1/22/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 11 1/10/2022 BSG Tawny Power
GaylanStudio8 All Breed 22-01-05 1/5/2022 JP Hot Miracle

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.