Top All Breeds by Grand Champion Points

This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on grand champion points earned during the month of October. 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed GC Points
1 GCH CH DenKees Sweet Taste of Love Keeshond 921
2 GCH CH LC Alder Kia German Wirehaired Pointer 788
3 GCH CH Darkwinter Knight Of The East Shetland Sheepdog 692
4 GCH CH Skys Such A Lady Anatolian Shepherd 675
5 GCH CH Darkwinter One to Watch Shetland Sheepdog 667
6 GCH CH UDTaylynn Perfect 10 Pembroke Welsh Corgi 640
7 GCH CH DenKees To Catch a King Keeshond 624
8 GCH CH UDBombyx Fly Me to the Moon Silky Terrier 595
9 GCH CH Sandman Mars Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 591
10 October 2011 International ChampionAtsonbay Live On Borzoi 578
11 GCH CH Decoys Wild Expectations Spanish Water Dog 572
12 GCH CH ESAN Zeus Great Dane 566
13 GCH CH Halcyon Telegraph Road Pointer 566
14 May 2016 International ChampionGoldRivers We Will Rock You Golden Retriever 565
15 GCH CH Comet Tudor Rose Toy Poodle 562
16 GCH CH Pasquel Make Peace Not War Pembroke Welsh Corgi 558
17 GCH CH El Magnifico Oro Maestoso Neapolitan Mastiff 555
18 GCH CH Rivere Make Your Mark Keeshond 552
19 GCH CH Darkwinter Paradise Card Shetland Sheepdog 549
20 GCH CH Ying Yang Isis German Spitz 548
21 GCH CH Intrinsic Here To Stay Belgian Tervuren 547
22 GCH CH Intrinsicc Gypsy Letter Italian Greyhound 547
23 GCH CH UDESAN Cedarwoods Labrador Retriever 544
24 GCH CH Taylynn Promise A Dear Pembroke Welsh Corgi 536
25 GCH CH Baymill Hot Pot Field Spaniel 535
26 GCH CH CCC Another Level Of Jazz Norwegian Elkhound 519
27 GCH CH LC Dark Oak German Wirehaired Pointer 515
28 GCH CH Intrinsicc Only You Italian Greyhound 513
29 GCH CH Skys Such A Maverick Anatolian Shepherd 510
30 GCH CH UDBeach Dunes Ask The Feels Standard Poodle 509
31 GCH CH Taylynn This Means War Pembroke Welsh Corgi 509
32 GCH CH UDEuropa Saint Facade Doberman Pinscher 503
33 GCH CH DenKees Prince of Wales Keeshond 499
34 GCH CH Firebyrd Ghost German Shepherd Dog 497
35 GCH CH Russia’s Vladimir Putin Mudi 495
36 GCH CH STORMBRINGERS HAWK TALON Flat-Coated Retriever 494
37 GCH CH Comet Vintage Moon Toy Poodle 493
38 GCH CH Shotput Chips To Togo Black Russian Terrier 485
40 GCH CH CCC Night Time Jazz Norwegian Elkhound 484
41 GCH CH Darkwinter Murder In The Fog Shetland Sheepdog 482
42 GCH CH Jordana Electric Avenue Kooikerhondje 479
43 GCH CH Darkwinter Murder In Venice Shetland Sheepdog 474
44 GCH CH BSG Breakthrough Warrior Schipperke 469
45 GCH CH Intrinsicc Kensington Italian Greyhound 469
46 GCH CH Ceramics Ghost Rider Anatolian Shepherd 468
47 GCH CH Darkwinter Paradise Power Shetland Sheepdog 468
48 GCH CH Decoys Temptation Alley Spanish Water Dog 468
49 GCH CH AusWolf The Barista Keeshond 467
50 GCH CH CCC Mishap Jazz Norwegian Elkhound 465
51 GCH CH Pasquel Only You Pembroke Welsh Corgi 464
52 GCH CH FSKII Ender*s Game Otterhound 463
53 GCH CH Intrinsicc Fast N Furious Italian Greyhound 461
54 GCH CH Chaos and Havoc - Kaiden Welsh Terrier 460
55 GCH CH UDBSG Adaptable Perspective Bulldog 459
56 GCH CH Intrinsic Unbelievable Belgian Tervuren 459
57 GCH CH Comet Rebel Yell Toy Poodle 459
58 GCH CH ~*¨Æ¨*~ Crüxshadows Cane Corso 458
59 GCH CH Willowcreek Whiskey On Ice Shetland Sheepdog 457
60 GCH CH Ceramics Robin Hood Anatolian Shepherd 457
61 GCH CH Taylynn Fantasstic Pembroke Welsh Corgi 451
62 GCH CH UDNovos Bronx Reborn German Spitz 451
63 GCH CH CDGoldRivers Jukebox Smash Golden Retriever 450
64 GCH CH CCC Lightning Jazz Norwegian Elkhound 450
65 GCH CH Cellery Making A Titan Rhodesian Ridgeback 450
66 GCH CH UDOak View Mesmerize Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 448
67 GCH CH CCC Jazz Dropped A Note Norwegian Elkhound 446
68 GCH CH Russia’s Tsar Mr. Wish Mudi 446
69 GCH CH Radiant Street Savvy Tibetan Spaniel 444
70 GCH CH Sandchape Above And Beyond English Toy Spaniel 442
71 GCH CH GoldRivers Red Carpet Roll Out Golden Retriever 441
72 GCH CH CDAmoroso One In A Million Dachshund 440
73 GCH CH STORMBRINGERS ORIONS SKY Flat-Coated Retriever 439
74 GCH CH BSG Cool Search Polish Lowland Sheepdog 438
75 GCH CH KZ Look What U Made Me Do Great Dane 436
76 GCH CH Stratos Backlash Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 433
77 GCH CH Intrinsicc Scoreboard Italian Greyhound 433
78 GCH CH TKs Bambleby Pembroke Welsh Corgi 433
79 GCH CH Andy*s Stares And Whispers English Cocker Spaniel 433
80 GCH CH Dandy Royal Blood Australian Shepherd 432
81 GCH CH DenKees Eye of the Dragon Keeshond 431
83 GCH CH SFFC Heather Pembroke Welsh Corgi 431
84 GCH CH Ixion The Renassance Man Afghan Hound 431
85 GCH CH Darkwinter Mystic Jim Shetland Sheepdog 430
86 GCH CH CDChapterBlack Black Clover Basset Hound 430
87 GCH CH Rivere Game Changer Keeshond 429
88 GCH CH Shotput Something New Alaskan Malamute 428
89 GCH CH UDBSG Courageous Perspective Bulldog 428
90 GCH CH Top 40s Drive By Border Collie 427
91 GCH CH Kleenex 007 Collie 427
92 GCH CH GoldRivers Thats How U Do It Golden Retriever 426
93 GCH CH Seasar Otho Golden Retriever 426
94 GCH CH DenKees Smoke and Shadows Keeshond 424
95 GCH CH BSG Red Pomegranate Finnish Spitz 423
96 GCH CH UDBRKDRs Val Border Collie 422
97 GCH CH Detroit’s Sochi of Greyfriar Smooth Fox Terrier 421
98 GCH CH UDBSG Mighty Perceptive Bulldog 421
99 GCH CH Ying Yang Titan German Spitz 421
100 GCH CH Cellery Man On A Roll Caucasian Mountain Dog 420
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.