Current Entries

Companions All Breed 1st August - English Setter

Current English Setter entries for the Companions All Breed 1st August.  This show will be held on 8/1/2019 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 RossWood West Side Story Ross Wood Bitch 7/2/2019   Owner
 RossWood iTwist Ross Wood Bitch 7/4/2019   Owner
 RossWood Acting Up Ross Wood Bitch 7/15/2019   Owner
 RossWood Harry Ross Wood Dog 7/9/2019   Owner
 RossWood Kiss And Twist Ross Wood Dog 7/9/2019   Owner
 RossWood Pimp Juice Ross Wood Dog 7/9/2019   Owner
 RossWood iBear Ross Wood Dog 7/14/2019   Owner
 RossWood Making Thoughts Ross Wood Bitch 4/16/2019   Owner
 RossWood It’s A Twist Ross Wood Bitch 5/1/2019   Owner
 BarStar Spindrift Adventure Melancollies Bitch 5/5/2019   Owner
 RossWood Bonnie Ross Wood Bitch 5/11/2019   Owner
 RossWood iCarly Ross Wood Bitch 5/13/2019   Owner
 RossWood iBlue Ross Wood Bitch 5/16/2019   Owner
 RossWood No Sound Ross Wood Bitch 5/16/2019   Owner
 RossWood Witchy Willow Ross Wood Bitch 6/2/2019   Owner
 RossWood Act Up Ross Wood Bitch 6/5/2019   Owner
 RossWood I Love New York Ross Wood Bitch 6/19/2019   Owner
 RossWood Act Right Ross Wood Dog 4/28/2019   Owner
 RossWood iAm Legend Ross Wood Dog 5/4/2019   Owner
 RossWood New Yorker Ross Wood Dog 5/13/2019   Owner
 RossWood Daisy Chain Of Love Ross Wood Dog 5/16/2019   Owner
 RossWood Scream Twist Ross Wood Dog 5/25/2019   Owner
 RossWood Santa Maria Ross Wood Dog 5/28/2019   Owner
 RossWood Bear Ride Ross Wood Dog 6/5/2019   Owner
 RossWood Crave Ross Wood Dog 6/17/2019   Owner
 RossWood Chains And Whips Ross Wood Dog 6/21/2019   Owner
Bred by Exhibitor
 RossWood Luna Ross Wood Bitch 5/11/2019   Owner
 RossWood iPod II Ross Wood Bitch 6/10/2019   Owner
 RossWood What Does The Fox Say Ross Wood Bitch 6/17/2019   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 RossWood Barbara Ross Wood Bitch 6/29/2019   Owner
 RossWood iAct Ross Wood Bitch 6/30/2019   Owner

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.