Current Entries

Jester Dogs 212th All Breed Show - Australian Cattle Dog

Current Australian Cattle Dog entries for the Jester Dogs 212th All Breed Show.  This show will be held on 1/29/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 HR Scaredy Cat HeatherRose Bitch 1/1/2021   Owner
 HR Hadley HeatherRose Bitch 1/9/2021   Owner
 HR IrishEyesAreSmiling HeatherRose Bitch 1/10/2021   Owner
 HR Eagle Wings HeatherRose Dog 1/1/2021   Owner
 HR Rattle On Red HeatherRose Dog 1/12/2021   Owner
 HR Porter Mountain HeatherRose Dog 1/12/2021   Owner
 HR Cool Cat HeatherRose Dog 1/12/2021   Owner
 HR KickUmUpClover HeatherRose Dog 1/13/2021   Owner
 HR Kit Cat HeatherRose Bitch 11/26/2020   Owner
 HR Made You Look HeatherRose Bitch 1/1/2021   Veronica Sheidt
 HR KickUmUpHighResolution HeatherRose Bitch 1/2/2021   Bob Golub
 HR Cupid Shuffle HeatherRose Dog 11/15/2020   Owner
 HR Irish Jig HeatherRose Dog 11/17/2020   Owner
 HR KickUmUpCrazyMountain HeatherRose Dog 11/22/2020   Bob Golub
 HR KickUmUpNewHeights HeatherRose Dog 11/22/2020   Veronica Sheidt
 HR Shoemaker Levy HeatherRose Dog 11/24/2020   Owner
 HR KickUmUpStandAndDeliver HeatherRose Dog 12/7/2020   Owner
 HR KickUmUpCaughtFeelings HeatherRose Dog 12/9/2020   Owner
 HR KickUmUpCosmos HeatherRose Dog 12/29/2020   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 HR KickUmUpStardust HeatherRose Bitch 12/29/2020   Owner

Did you know?
In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements.